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Cradle 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Cradle Sentences

He was taught from the cradle never to cry.
He cradles the child in his arms.

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Cradle in Detail

1 of 5) Cradle : بچوں کا کھٹولا Bachoun Ka Khtula : (noun) a baby bed with sides and rockers.

Related : Baby's Bed


2 of 5) Cradle : خیال سے پکڑنا Khayal Se Pakarna : (verb) hold gently and carefully.

Related : Take Hold

4 of 5) Cradle : پالنا Palna : (verb) bring up from infancy.

Related : Rear

5 of 5) Cradle : پیدائش Paidaish : (noun) birth of a person.

Related : Birth

Cradle in Book Titles

The Search of the Cradle of Civilization: New Light on Ancient India.
The Cradle of the Twin Giants, Science and History.
Cradle of Life: The Discovery of Earth`s Earliest Fossils.
Bruges, Cradle of Capitalism, 1280-1390.
The Cradle of Humankind.

Useful Words

Baby Cocker Coddle Cosset Featherbed Indulge Mollycoddle Pamper Spoil : زیادہ لاڈ پیار کرنا Zyada Lad Pyaar Karna : treat with excessive indulgence. "Mr Khan has four sons and one daughter but he spoil his daughter the most"

Bed : بستر Bistar : a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep. "Make up the bed"

Carefully : توجہ سے Tawaja Se : taking care or paying attention. "Walk carefully"

Gently Mildly : نرمی سے Narmi Se : in a gentle manner. "He talks gently"

Clasp Clench Clutch Clutches Grasp Grip Hold : پکڑ Pakar : the act of grasping. "He released his clasp on my arm"

Rocker : جھلانے والا شخص Jhulanay Wala Shakhs : an attendant who rocks a child in a cradle. "Rocker rocking a child"

Side : طرف داری کرنا Taraf Dari Karna : take sides for or against. "Who are you widing with?"

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