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Crawling meaning in Urdu

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Crawling Definitions

1) Crawling, Crawl, Creep, Creeping : گھسٹنا, رینگتا : (noun) a slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body.

Useful Words

Bug : کیڑا , Creepy : رینگنے کا احساس , Isopod : ایک قسم کا کیڑا , Formication : جلد پر چیونٹیاں رینگتی ہوئی محسوس ہوتی ہیں , Shamble : لڑکھڑاتے ہوۓ چلنا , On All Fours : ہاتھوں اور گھٹنوں پر , Skank : رقص کا ایک خاص انداز , Carry : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ لے جانا , Gesture : اشارہ , Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease : اعصابی بیماری , Backstroke : لیٹ کر تیراکی , Draggingly : کھینچتے ہوۓ , Scuffle : پاوٴں گھسیٹ کر چلنا , Drag : زور سے کھینچنا , Scuff : پاوں گھسیٹ کر یا رگڑ کر چلنے کا عمل , Ablutionary : وضو کے متعلق , Form : شکل , Habitude : حسب معمول موڈ والا , Locomotive : حرکت پیدا کرنے والا , Life : حیات , Knee-Deep : گھٹنوں تک , Procrustean : بے رحمی کے ساتھ , Flora : پودا , Fin : مچھلی کا بازو یا پر , Kneel : گھٹنے کو جھکانا , Limb : پر , Flagellum : تسمہ نما , Bended : مڑاہوا , Kneel : عبادت کے دوران گھٹنے کو جھکانا , Bandy : گھٹنے موڑ کر جھکا ہوا , Cutaway : چاک دامن کوٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Bug: general term for any insect or similar creeping or crawling invertebrate.

Creepy: causing a sensation as of things crawling on your skin.

Isopod: any of various small terrestrial or aquatic crustaceans with seven pairs of legs adapted for crawling.

Formication: hallucinated sensation that insects or snakes are crawling over the skin; a common side-effect of extensive use of cocaine or amphetamines.

Shamble: walking with a slow dragging motion without lifting your feet.

On All Fours: on hands and knees.

Skank: a rhythmic dance to reggae music performed by bending forward and extending the hands while bending the knees.

Carry: move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one`s hands or on one`s body.

Gesture: motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: a form of neuropathy that can begin between childhood and young adulthood; characterized by weakness and atrophy of the muscles of the hands and lower legs; progression is slow and individuals affected can have a normal life span; inheritance is X-linked recessive or X-linked dominant.

Backstroke: a swimming stroke that resembles the crawl except the swimmer lies on his or her back.

Draggingly: in a dragging manner.

Scuffle: walk by dragging one`s feet.

Drag: the act of dragging (pulling with force).

Scuff: the act of scuffing (scraping or dragging the feet).

Ablutionary: cleansing the body by washing; especially ritual washing of e.g. hands.

Form: a particular mode in which something is manifested.

Habitude: habitual mode of behavior.

Locomotive: of or relating to locomotion.

Life: a characteristic state or mode of living.

Knee-Deep: up to the knees.

Procrustean: of or relating to the mythical giant Procrustes or the mode of torture practiced by him.

Flora: (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion.

Fin: organ of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals.

Kneel: supporting yourself on your knees.

Limb: one of the jointed appendages of an animal used for locomotion or grasping: arm; leg; wing; flipper.

Flagellum: a lash-like appendage used for locomotion (e.g., in sperm cells and some bacteria and protozoa).

Bended: used of the back and knees; stooped.

Kneel: rest one`s weight on one`s knees.

Bandy: have legs that curve outward at the knees.

Cutaway: a man's coat cut diagonally from the waist to the back of the knees.

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