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1 of 2) Creator, Almighty, Divine, God Almighty, Godhead, Jehovah, Lord, Maker : خدا, قادر مطلق, خالق : (noun) terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God.

2 of 2) Creator : موجد : (noun) a person who grows or makes or invents things.

Useful Words

Brahma : خالق ہندو خدا , Crafter : دستکار , Boole : انگریز ماہر حساب , Monophysitism : یک فطریت , Youtuber : یوٹیب پر وڈیو لگانے والا , Ra : مصریوں کا بڑا دیاتا , Adam : آدم , Beelzebub : ابلیس , Kitty : بلی , Eve : حوا , Bishop : پادری , Consultation : حوالہ دینے کا عمل , That : وہ , This : یہ , Reflexive : لچک دار , Referential : زیر حوالہ , Genetic : ابتدا سے متعلق , Postganglionic : عصبی خلیوں کے مجمع کے بعد واقع , Divinely : خدا کی طرف سے , Benediction : دعائے حفاظت , Chiromance : دست شناسی کرنا , Holy : خدائی , Celestial : آفاقی , Prophet : رسول , Commination : عذاب الہی کی دھمکی , Heaven-Sent : معجزانہ , Prophesy : پیش گوئی کرنا , Theocracy : مذہبی حکومت , Illumination : غیبی ہدایت , Blessed : مبارک , Afflatus : الہام

Useful Words Definitions

Brahma: the Creator; one of the three major deities in the later Hindu pantheon.

Crafter: a creator of great skill in the manual arts.

Boole: English mathematician; creator of Boolean algebra (1815-1864).

Monophysitism: a Christian heresy of the 5th and 6th centuries that challenged the orthodox definition of the two natures (human and divine) in Jesus and instead believed there was a single divine nature.

Youtuber: YouTube content creator; a person or organization who made videos for YouTube.

Ra: ancient Egyptian sun god with the head of a hawk; a universal creator; he merged with the god Amen as Amen-Ra to become the king of the gods.

Adam: (Old Testament) in Judeo-Christian mythology; the first man and the husband of Eve and the progenitor of the human race.

Beelzebub: (Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; tempter of mankind; master of Hell.

Kitty: informal terms referring to a domestic cat.

Eve: (Old Testament) Adam`s wife in Judeo-Christian mythology: the first woman and mother of the human race; God created Eve from Adam`s rib and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Bishop: a senior member of the Christian clergy having spiritual and administrative authority; appointed in Christian churches to oversee priests or ministers; considered in some churches to be successors of the twelve Apostles of Christ.

Consultation: the act of referring or consulting.

That: referring to the farther one.

This: referring to the nearer one.

Reflexive: referring back to itself.

Referential: referring or pointing to something.

Genetic: pertaining to or referring to origin.

Postganglionic: beyond or distal to a ganglion (referring especially to the unmyelinated fibers that originate from cells in autonomic ganglia).

Divinely: by divine means.

Benediction: the act of praying for divine protection.

Chiromance: divine by reading someone's palms.

Holy: belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power.

Celestial: relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven.

Prophet: someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God.

Commination: a threat of divine punishment or vengeance.

Heaven-Sent: peculiarly fortunate or appropriate; as if by divine intervention.

Prophesy: predict or reveal through, or as if through, divine inspiration.

Theocracy: the belief in government by divine guidance.

Illumination: a condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination.

Blessed: highly favored or fortunate (as e.g. by divine grace).

Afflatus: a strong creative impulse; divine inspiration.

Related Words

Individual : شخص , God : خدا , Blessed Trinity : تثلیث , Architect : ماہر تعمیرات , Artist : کسی فن میں ماہر , Builder : بانی , Choreographer : رقص ترتیب دینے والا , Clothes Designer : لباس بنانے والا , Developer : ترقی دینے والا , Farmer : ماہر کاشتکار

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