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1) Creche, Foundling Hospital : دارالاطفال, بن ماں باپ کے بچوں کی پرورش کی جگہ : (noun) a hospital where foundlings (infant children of unknown parents) are taken in and cared for.

Related : Infirmary : a health facility where patients receive treatment.

Useful Words

House Physician, Resident, Resident Physician : فزیشن : a physician (especially an intern) who lives in a hospital and cares for hospitalized patients under the supervision of the medical staff of the hospital. "The resident was receiving special clinical training at the hospital".

Hospital Chaplain : ہسپتال کا راہب : a chaplain in a hospital. "Hospital chaplain may conduct religious services in the hospital".

Hospitalise, Hospitalize : ہسپتال میں داخل کرنا : admit into a hospital. "Mother had to be hospitalized because her blood pressure was too high".

Inmate, Inpatient : ہسپتال میں داخل مریض : a patient who is residing in the hospital where he is being treated.

Hospitalization : ہسپتال میں قیام : a period of time when you are confined to a hospital. "Now they try to shorten the patient`s hospitalization".

Outpatient : غیر رہائشی مریض : a patient who does not reside in the hospital where he is being treated.

Nosocomial : ایک مریض جو تین دن تک ہسپتال میں پڑا ہے اور اس کو کچھ نہیں ہے : taking place or originating in a hospital. "Nosocomial infection".

Hospital Care, Hospitalisation, Hospitalization : ہسپتال میں داخلہ : placing in medical care in a hospital. "He is doing well after hospitalization".

Hospital Room : ہسپتال کا کمرہ : a room in a hospital for the care of patients. "Book a private hospital room".

Lazar House, Lazaret, Lazarette, Lazaretto, Pesthouse : ہسپتال : hospital for persons with infectious diseases (especially leprosy). "He is a doctor in pesthouse".

Sanatarium, Sanatorium, Sanitarium : ایسا ہسپتال جہاں معزوروں ظعیفوں یا مزمن بیماریوں کا علاج اور دیکھ بھال کی جاتی ہے : a hospital for recuperation or for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Inmate : قید خانے میں رہنے والا : one of several resident of a dwelling (especially someone confined to a prison or hospital).

Operating Room, Operating Theater, Operating Theatre, Or, Surgery : آپریشن کا کمرہ : a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations. "Great care is taken to keep the operating rooms aseptic".

Recovery Room : کمرہ بحالی صحت : a hospital room for the care of patients immediately after surgery.

Hospitalization, Hospitalization Insurance : ہسپتال کا بیمہ : insurance that pays all or part of a patient`s hospital expense. "Hospitalization insurance amount is three hundred thousand".

Hospital Ship : بحری ہسپتال : a ship built to serve as a hospital; used for wounded in wartime.

Extern, Medical Extern : غیر مقامی ڈاکٹر : a nonresident doctor or medical student; connected with a hospital but not living there.

Country Doctor : دیہاتی علاقہ کا ڈاکٹر : a doctor who practices in the country (rather than in a city) usually remote from a modern hospital. "Do country doctors still make house calls?".

Commitment, Committal, Consignment : قید : the official act of consigning a person to confinement (as in a prison or mental hospital). "His doctor sees no need for committal in the hospital".

Hospital Train : زخمی فوجیوں کی ٹرین : a military train built to transport wounded troops to a hospital. "Hospital train is leaving".

Hospital Attendant, Orderly : اسپتال کا ملازم : a male hospital attendant who has general duties that do not involve the medical treatment of patients. "I need hospital attendant for two days".

Hospital Ward, Ward : اسپتال کا کمرہ : block forming a division of a hospital (or a suite of rooms) shared by patients who need a similar kind of care. "They put her in a 4-bed ward".

Emergency Room, Er : ایمرجنسی روم : a room in a hospital or clinic staffed and equipped to provide emergency care to persons requiring immediate medical treatment.

Abandoned Infant, Foundling : لاوارث بچہ : a child who has been abandoned and whose parents are unknown. "An abandoned infant was found in one of the residential blocks of FB Area".

Adoptive : گود لیوا : of parents and children; related by adoption. "Adoptive parents".

Biological : سگا : of parents and children; related by blood. "Biological child".

Family, Family Unit : بیوی بچے : primary social group; parents and children. "He wanted to have a good job before starting a family".

Day Care Center, Day Nursery : دارالاطفال : a nursery for the supervision of preschool children while the parents work.

Baby-Sitter, Babysitter, Sitter : بچوں کی آیا : a person engaged to care for children when the parents are not home.

Baby Sitting, Babysitting : بچوں کی دیکھ بھال : the work of a baby sitter; caring for children when their parents are not home.

Foster Sister, Foster-Sister : منہ بولی بہن : your foster sister is a female who is not a daughter of your parents but who is raised by your parents. "I consider my foster sister my actual sibling".

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