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Crescent meaning in Urdu

Crescent Sentence

Crescent moon.

Crescent Synonyms


Crescent Definitions

1 of 2) Crescent : ہلال : (noun) any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters.

Useful Words

New Moon : نیا باریک چاند , Crescent Roll : موٹی ہلالی شکل کی روٹی , Half-Moon : ناخن کی جڑ کا حصہ , Banana : کیلا , Actias Luna : امریکی مدھ , Arc : خم دار چیز , Arch : محراب , Auriform : کان نما , Cuplike : پیالی جیسا , Obovate : معکوس بیضوی , Ovate : انڈے جیسا , Throat : حلق نما , Preform : تیار کرنا , Crotchet : گول مڑا ہوا , Disc : طشتری , Lancelike : نیزہ کی طرح , Neap : جزر , Die : سانچے سے ڈھالنا , Shaped : صورت نما , Fanned : پھیلا , Anchor Ring : گول سی شکل , Hew : کلہاڑی سے تراشنا , Rotund : گول شکل کا , Coiling : لپٹا ہوا , Pinnately : پر دارانہ , Circular : دائرہ نما , Droop : جھول , Unformed : بے شکل , Hex Nut : ۵ کنارے والا نٹ , Cup : چلو بنانا , Well-Turned : اچھی بناوٹ والا

Useful Words Definitions

New Moon: the time at which the Moon appears as a narrow waxing crescent.

Crescent Roll: very rich flaky crescent-shaped roll.

Half-Moon: the crescent-shaped area at the base of the human fingernail.

Banana: elongated crescent-shaped yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh.

Actias Luna: large pale-green American moth with long-tailed hind wings and a yellow crescent-shaped mark on each forewing.

Arc: something curved in shape.

Arch: a curved shape in the vertical plane that spans an opening.

Auriform: having a shape resembling an ear.

Cuplike: resembling the shape of a cup.

Obovate: (of a leaf shape) egg-shaped with the narrower end at the base.

Ovate: of a leaf shape; egg-shaped with the broader end at the base.

Throat: a passage resembling a throat in shape or function.

Preform: form into a shape resembling the final, desired one.

Crotchet: a sharp curve or crook; a shape resembling a hook.

Disc: something with a round shape resembling a flat circular plate.

Lancelike: (of a leaf shape) shaped like a lance head; narrow and tapering to a pointed apex.

Neap: a less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon.

Die: cut or shape with a die.

Shaped: having the shape of.

Fanned: especially spread in a fan shape.

Anchor Ring: a toroidal shape.

Hew: make or shape as with an axe.

Rotund: spherical in shape.

Coiling: in the shape of a coil.

Pinnately: having a pinnate shape.

Circular: having a circular shape.

Droop: a shape that sags.

Unformed: not having form or shape.

Hex Nut: a nut with a hexagonal shape.

Cup: form into the shape of a cup.

Well-Turned: of a pleasing shape.

Related Words

Curve : خمیدہ , Rounded : گول بنا ہوا

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