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Culex Pipiens meaning in Urdu

Culex Pipiens Sentence

Culex pipiens is a species of mosquito.

Culex Pipiens Synonym

Culex Pipiens Definitions

1) Culex Pipiens, Common Mosquito : عام مچھر : (noun) common house mosquito.


Useful Words

Wiggler : مچھر کا لاروا , Gnat : مچھر , Black Vomit : کالی قے , Aedes Aegypti : ڈینگی مچھر , Midge : دو پر والا مچھر نما کیڑا , Acheta : جھینگر , Malaria : ملیریا , Surcharge : اضافی ٹیکس , Contribution : امداد دینا , Row House : ایک ہی قطار میں بنے ہوئے مکانات میں سے کوئی ایک , Dominant : عام , Concentric : ہم مرکز , Common-Law : عمومی قانون , Commons : عام آدمی , Pleb : عام لوگوں سے متعلق , Coaxal : ہم محور , Community : مشترکہ ملکیت , Common Shrew : امریکی چھچھوندر , Half Sister : سوتیلی بہن , Hoi Polloi : عوام , Customarily : حسب معمول , Bond : ملا دینا , Eccentric : مرکز سے دور , Baya : چڑیا , Half Brother : سوتیلا بھائی , Common Land : عام استعمال کی چراہ گاہ , Rallying : جمع کرنے کا عمل , Commonality : عمومیت , Unusual : غیر معمولی , Commonage : مشترکہ ملکیت , Freight : بار برداری کا کرایہ

Useful Words Definitions

Wiggler: larva of a mosquito.

Gnat: (British usage) mosquito.

Black Vomit: caused by a flavivirus transmitted by a mosquito.

Aedes Aegypti: mosquito that transmits yellow fever and dengue.

Midge: minute two-winged mosquito-like fly lacking biting mouthparts; appear in dancing swarms especially near water.

Acheta: common house and field crickets.

Malaria: an infective disease caused by sporozoan parasites that are transmitted through the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito; marked by paroxysms of chills and fever.

Surcharge: an additional charge (as for items previously omitted or as a penalty for failure to exercise common caution or common skill).

Contribution: act of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity.

Row House: a house that is one of a row of identical houses situated side by side and sharing common walls.

Dominant: most frequent or common.

Concentric: having a common center.

Common-Law: based on common law.

Commons: the common people.

Pleb: one of the common people.

Coaxal: having a common axis.

Community: common ownership.

Common Shrew: common American shrew.

Half Sister: a sister who has only one parent in common with you.

Hoi Polloi: the common people generally.

Customarily: by custom; according to common practice.

Bond: bring together in a common cause or emotion.

Eccentric: not having a common center; not concentric.

Baya: common Indian weaverbird.

Half Brother: a brother who has only one parent in common with you.

Common Land: a pasture subject to common use.

Rallying: the act of mobilizing for a common purpose.

Commonality: sharing of common attributes.

Unusual: not usual or common or ordinary.

Commonage: property held in common.

Freight: the charge for transporting something by common carrier.

Related Words

Mosquito : مچھر , Culex : مچھر

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