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Cuneus meaning in Urdu

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1) Cuneus, Wedge, Wedge Shape : تکونیا : (noun) any shape that is triangular in cross section.


Useful Words

Crosswise : دائیں سے بائیں , Cuneate : تکونیا , Wedgie : زنانہ جوتا , Crescent : ہلال , Crowbar : بیرم کے ذریعے اوپر اٹھانے والا آلہ , Pup Tent : پناہ خیمہ , Cottar : پانہ , Shim : کسی شے مثلاً دھات کی پتری , Colter : بھالا , Corvus Corax : پہاڑی کوا , Sacrum : کولہےکی ہڈی , Thin : باریک , Obelisk : پتھر کا , Caimito : ایک قسم کا پھل , Die : سانچے سے ڈھالنا , Shaped : صورت نما , Anchor Ring : گول سی شکل , Cuplike : پیالی جیسا , Hew : کلہاڑی سے تراشنا , Droop : جھول , Rotund : گول شکل کا , Circular : دائرہ نما , Coiling : لپٹا ہوا , Auriform : کان نما , Pinnately : پر دارانہ , Well-Turned : اچھی بناوٹ والا , Hex Nut : ۵ کنارے والا نٹ , Unformed : بے شکل , Arc : خم دار چیز , Fanned : پھیلا , Dome-Shaped : گنبدی شکل والا

Useful Words Definitions

Crosswise: in the shape of (a horizontal piece on) a cross.

Cuneate: (of a leaf shape) narrowly triangular, wider at the apex and tapering toward the base.

Wedgie: a shoe with a wedge heel.

Crescent: any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters.

Crowbar: a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedge.

Pup Tent: a wedge-shaped tent; usually without a floor or windows.

Cottar: fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together.

Shim: a thin wedge of material (wood or metal or stone) for driving into crevices.

Colter: a sharp steel wedge that precedes the plow and cuts vertically through the soil.

Corvus Corax: large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail.

Sacrum: wedge-shaped bone consisting of five fused vertebrae forming the posterior part of the pelvis; its base connects with the lowest lumbar vertebra and its tip with the coccyx.

Thin: of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section.

Obelisk: a stone pillar having a rectangular cross section tapering towards a pyramidal top.

Caimito: evergreen tree of West Indies and Central America having edible purple fruit star-shaped in cross section and dark green leaves with golden silky undersides.

Die: cut or shape with a die.

Shaped: having the shape of.

Anchor Ring: a toroidal shape.

Cuplike: resembling the shape of a cup.

Hew: make or shape as with an axe.

Droop: a shape that sags.

Rotund: spherical in shape.

Circular: having a circular shape.

Coiling: in the shape of a coil.

Auriform: having a shape resembling an ear.

Pinnately: having a pinnate shape.

Well-Turned: of a pleasing shape.

Hex Nut: a nut with a hexagonal shape.

Unformed: not having form or shape.

Arc: something curved in shape.

Fanned: especially spread in a fan shape.

Dome-Shaped: having the shape of a dome.

Related Words

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