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کرنٹ والی موت کی کرسی : Current Wali Maut Ki Kursi Meaning in English


Current Wali Maut Ki Kursi in Detail

1) کرنٹ والی موت کی کرسی : Chair Death Chair Electric Chair Hot Seat : (noun) an instrument of execution by electrocution; resembles an ordinary seat for one person.

Useful Words

بجلی سے ہلاک کرنے کا عمل : Burning , معمولی : Ordinary , ادنی درجے کا حصہ : Common Shares , مناسب احتیاط : Due Care , سزائے موت : Capital Punishment , دو کمپیوٹروں پر بیک وقت چلنے والا پروگرام : Concurrent Execution , بہاوٴ : Current , ہوا : Air Current , موجودہ : Current , ایک سمت میں دوڑنے والاکرنٹ : Dc , فوری نقد پذیر اثاثے : Current Assets , برقی کرنٹ جو بدلتا ہے سمت تیزی سے : Ac , کرسی : Place , مشکل : Hot Seat , پچھلی شرم گاہ : Arse , طیارے کی نشست جو بچاوٴ کے لئے استعمال کی جاتی ہے : Capsule , خدا کا تخت : Mercy Seat , تہ نشست : Rumble Seat , دو لوگوں کے لئے چھوٹا صوفہ : Love Seat , حرکت کرنے والی کرسی : Jump Seat , صدر : Chair , سہارے والی کرسی : Yacht Chair , بچے کی کرسی : Feeding Chair , آرام دے کرسی : Easy Chair , آرام دہ کرسی جس کی پشت آگے پیچھے کی جا سکتی ہو : Morris Chair , حجامی کرسی : Barber Chair , جھولنے والی کرسی : Rocker , موڑے والی کرسی : Folding Chair , پالکی : Sedan , سہارا کار کرسی : Lounger , دستاویز : Instrument

Useful Words Definitions

Burning: execution by electricity.

Ordinary: not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree.

Common Shares: stock other than preferred stock; entitles the owner to a share of the corporation`s profits and a share of the voting power in shareholder elections.

Due Care: the care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances; the standard for determining legal duty.

Capital Punishment: putting a condemned person to death.

Concurrent Execution: the execution of two or more computer programs by a single computer.

Current: a steady flow of a fluid (usually from natural causes).

Air Current: air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

Current: occurring in or belonging to the present time.

Dc: an electric current that flows in one direction steadily.

Current Assets: assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash).

Ac: an electric current that reverses direction sinusoidally.

Place: a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane).

Hot Seat: a difficult position where you are subjected to stress and criticism.

Arse: the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on.

Capsule: a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency; then the pilot descends by parachute.

Mercy Seat: the throne of God.

Rumble Seat: a folding outside seat in the back of some early cars.

Love Seat: small sofa that seats two people.

Jump Seat: a folding seat in an automobile.

Chair: the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization.

Yacht Chair: a light folding armchair for outdoor use.

Feeding Chair: a chair for feeding a very young child; has four long legs and a footrest and a detachable tray.

Easy Chair: a comfortable upholstered armchair.

Morris Chair: an armchair with an adjustable back.

Barber Chair: a large fixed adjustable chair in which barbers seat their customers.

Rocker: a chair mounted on rockers.

Folding Chair: a chair that can be folded flat for storage.

Sedan: a closed litter for one passenger.

Lounger: an armchair whose back can be lowered and foot can be raised to allow the sitter to recline in it.

Instrument: (law) a document that states some contractual relationship or grants some right.

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