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Curving Meaning in Urdu

1. Curving - Curved : خم دار - مڑا ہوا : (adjective) having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend.

Arced, Arched, Arching, Arciform, Arcuate, Bowed - forming or resembling an arch.

Useful Words

Bend - Crook - Turn - Twist : موڑ : a circular segment of a curve. "A bend in the road"

Curve - Curved Shape : خمیدہ : the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes.

Marked - Pronounced : نمایاں : strongly marked; easily noticeable. "Walked with a marked limp"

Rounded : گول بنا ہوا : curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged. "Low rounded hills"

Smoothly - Swimmingly : آسانی سے : with no problems or difficulties. "Put the plans into effect quickly and smoothly"

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