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1. Cypher, Cipher, Code, Encipher, Encrypt, Inscribe, Write In Code : خفیہ کرنا - خفیہ انداز میں تحریر کرنا : (Verb) Convert ordinary language into code.

We should encode the message for security reasons.

Encode - convert information into code.

2. Cypher, Aught, Cipher, Goose Egg, Nada, Naught, Nil, Nix, Nothing, Null, Zero, Zilch, Zip, Zippo : کچھ نہیں : (Noun) A quantity of no importance.

It`s nothing.
I have nothing to do with you anymore.+ More

3. Cypher, Calculate, Cipher, Compute, Figure, Reckon, Work Out : شمار کرنا - حساب کرنا : (Verb) Make a mathematical calculation or computation.

Math, Mathematics, Maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement.

4. Cypher, Cipher, Nobody, Nonentity : کوئی نہیں - کم مرتبہ شخص : (Noun) A person of no influence.

Common Man, Common Person, Commoner - a person who holds no title.

5. Cypher, Cipher, Cryptograph, Secret Code : خفیہ لکھائی - رمزی تحریر : (Noun) A secret method of writing.

Code - a coding system used for transmitting messages requiring brevity or secrecy.

6. Cypher, Cipher : خفیہ پیغام : (Noun) A message written in a secret code.

Message - a communication (usually brief) that is written or spoken or signaled.

Code - پیغام کو خفیہ کرنے کا طریقہ - a coding system used for transmitting messages requiring brevity or secrecy.

Convert - مذہب تبدیل کرنے والا شخص - a person who has been converted to another religious or political belief.

Importance - اہمیت - the quality of being important and worthy of note; "the importance of a well-balanced diet".

Language, Linguistic Communication - بولی - a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols; "What language is this word from?".

No - انکار - a negative; "No buddy".

Average, Ordinary - عام - lacking special distinction, rank, or status; commonly encountered; "average people".

Amount, Measure, Quantity - مقدار - how much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify.

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