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Dabuna : ڈبونا

1. Immerse, Plunge : غرق کرنا - ڈبونا : (verb) thrust or throw into.

2. Steeper : ڈبونے والا - ڈبونا : (noun) a vessel (usually a pot or vat) used for steeping.

3. Dip, Douse, Dunk, Plunge, Souse : ڈبونا - ڈالنا - پانی میں ڈالنا : (verb) immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate.

4. Sop : ڈبونا : (verb) dip into liquid.

Dhakka : Thrust : the act of applying force to propel something. "After reaching the desired velocity the drive is cut off"

Tezi Se Haath K... : Thrust : a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow). "He warned me with a jab with his finger"

Kisi Nookili Sh... : Thrust : a strong blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument. "One strong stab to the heart killed him"

Handai : Pot : metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid. "Put the pot on the stove"

Gamla : Pot : a container in which plants are cultivated. "She planted rose bush in flowerpot"

Kamud : Pot : a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination.

Karahe, Baray Size Ki K... : Vat : a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids. "Pour the oil in the vat"

Behri Jahaaz : Vessel : a craft designed for water transportation.

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