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Damaged meaning in Urdu

Damaged Sentence

I won't buy damaged goods.

Damaged Definitions

1) Damaged : ٹوٹا ہوا, خراب : (adjective) harmed or injured or spoiled.

The storm left a wake of badly damaged buildings.


Useful Words

Breakable : ٹوٹ جانے کے قابل , Battered : سخت استعمال سے خراب , Unimpaired : بے خلل , Breakability : ٹوٹ جانے کے صلاحیت , Arborist : شجری معالج , Burned : جلا ہوا , Decayed : سڑا ہوا , Caseous : پلپلا , Delicate : نازک , Tree Surgery : درختوں کا علاج , Unsound : ناقص , Worn : فرسودہ , Sabotage : تخریب کاری , Fire Sale : آگ سے خراب شدہ سامان کم قیمت پر فروخت کرنا , Entire : سالم , Injured : زخمی , Unmolested : جسے چھیڑا نہ گیا ہو , Spoiled : لاڈپیار سے بگڑا ہوا , Spoilage : خراب کی ھوئی چیز , Botched : خراب , Brackish : بد ذائقہ , Flyblown : جس میں کیڑے پڑ گئے ہوں , Unharmed : زخم نہ کھایا ہوا , Casualty : حادثاتی طور پر زخمی ہونا یا مرنا , Health Care : بیمار کا بیمہ , Hitch : لنگڑانا , Cicatrice : داغ , Casualty : فوجی کاروائی میں زخمی ہونا یا مرنا , Remount : پھر تازہ گہوڑے پر سوار ہونا , Actual Damages : زر تلافی , Bandage : پٹی

Useful Words Definitions

Breakable: capable of being broken or damaged.

Battered: damaged especially by hard usage.

Unimpaired: not damaged or diminished in any respect.

Breakability: quality of being easily damaged or destroyed.

Arborist: a specialist in treating damaged trees.

Burned: destroyed or badly damaged by fire.

Decayed: damaged by decay; hence unsound and useless.

Caseous: of damaged or necrotic tissue; cheeselike.

Delicate: easily broken or damaged or destroyed.

Tree Surgery: treatment of damaged or decaying trees.

Unsound: not in good condition; damaged or decayed.

Worn: affected by wear; damaged by long use.

Sabotage: a deliberate act of destruction or disruption in which equipment is damaged.

Fire Sale: a sale of merchandise supposedly damaged by fire.

Entire: constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential especially not damaged.

Injured: harmed.

Unmolested: not interfered with, disturbed, or harmed.

Spoiled: having the character or disposition harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attention.

Spoilage: the amount that has spoiled.

Botched: spoiled through incompetence or clumsiness.

Brackish: distasteful and unpleasant; spoiled by mixture.

Flyblown: spoiled and covered with eggs and larvae of flies.

Unharmed: not injured.

Casualty: someone injured or killed in an accident.

Health Care: social insurance for the ill and injured.

Hitch: the uneven manner of walking that results from an injured leg.

Cicatrice: a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue.

Casualty: someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement.

Remount: a fresh horse especially (formerly) to replace one killed or injured in battle.

Actual Damages: (law) compensation for losses that can readily be proven to have occurred and for which the injured party has the right to be compensated.

Bandage: a piece of soft material that covers and protects an injured part of the body.

Related Words

Blemished : عیب دار , Broken : ٹوٹا ہوا , Bedraggled : برباد شدہ , Bent : ٹیڑھا , Broken : خراب

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