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Dampish meaning in Urdu

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Dampish Definitions

1) Dampish, Damp, Moist : نم, تر, گیلا : (satellite adjective) slightly wet.

Useful Words

Damply : بھیگا ہوا , Bleak : سرد , House Centipede : کنکھجورا , Mold : پھپہوندی , Slater : ایک کیڑا , Genus Lysimachia : ایک قسم کا پیلے پھولوں والا پودا , Dampen : گیلا کرنا , Dab : چھینٹ , Flesh : پھلوں کا گودا , Agitate : کھسکنا , Potty : متوالا , Ajar : آدھ کھلا , Nick : چھوٹا سا گھاو ڈالنا , Darkish : قدرے سیاہ , Sloppy : کسی مائع شے سے لت پت , Yeast Cake : خمیری کیک , Strange : عجیب , Clay : چکنی مٹی جو گرم ہونے سے سخت ہوجاتی ہے , About : تقریباً , Aureate : سنہری , Blacken : جھلس جانا , Hooknose : طوطہ ناک , Stereo : مجسم تصویر , Yam : شکر قندی , Cercis Canadensis : پھلی دار درختوں میں سے ایک چھوٹا درخت , Brackish : نمکین , Fleawort : اسپغول , Hedge Nettle : پتلے پھول والے پودے , Agrimonia Procera : ایک قسم کی خوشبودار بوٹی , Saber : خمدار تلوار , Stereoscopic Vision : مجسم بینی

Useful Words Definitions

Damply: in a damp manner.

Bleak: unpleasantly cold and damp.

House Centipede: long-legged centipede common in damp places as e.g. cellars.

Mold: a fungus that produces a superficial growth on various kinds of damp or decaying organic matter.

Slater: any of various small terrestrial isopods having a flat elliptical segmented body; found in damp habitats.

Genus Lysimachia: loosestrife: a cosmopolitan genus found in damp or swampy terrain having usually yellow flowers; inclined to be invasive.

Dampen: make moist.

Dab: a small quantity of something moist or liquid.

Flesh: a soft moist part of a fruit.

Agitate: move very slightly.

Potty: slightly intoxicated.

Ajar: slightly open.

Nick: cut slightly, with a razor.

Darkish: slightly dark.

Sloppy: wet or smeared with a spilled liquid or moist material.

Yeast Cake: small cake of compressed moist yeast.

Strange: being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected; slightly odd or even a bit weird.

Clay: a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired.

About: (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but.

Aureate: having the deep slightly brownish color of gold.

Blacken: burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color.

Hooknose: a nose with a prominent slightly aquiline bridge.

Stereo: two photographs taken from slightly different angles that appear three-dimensional when viewed together.

Yam: sweet potato with deep orange flesh that remains moist when baked.

Cercis Canadensis: small shrubby tree of eastern North America similar to the Judas tree having usually pink flowers; found in damp sheltered underwood.

Brackish: slightly salty (especially from containing a mixture of seawater and fresh water).

Fleawort: plantain of Mediterranean regions whose seeds swell and become gelatinous when moist and are used as a mild laxative.

Hedge Nettle: perennial herb with an odorless rhizome widespread in moist places in northern hemisphere.

Agrimonia Procera: fragrant European perennial herb found at woodland margins on moist soils.

Saber: a fencing sword with a v-shaped blade and a slightly curved handle.

Stereoscopic Vision: three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina.

Related Words

Wet : بھیگا