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ڈرامہ کرنا : Darama Karna Meaning in English


Darama Karna in Detail

1) ڈرامہ کرنا : Affect Dissemble Feign Pretend Sham : (verb) make believe with the intent to deceive.

Useful Words

دہوکا دینا : Betray , جعلی : Fake , مشغول : Absorbed , فرضی : Assumed , مفہوم : Intent , دکھاوا کرنا : Assume , توقع : Aim , دغا باز : Fake , ایک سجاوٹی غلاف : Pillow Sham , یقین کرنا : Believe , بنانا : Make

Useful Words Definitions

Betray: cause someone to believe an untruth.

Fake: something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be.

Absorbed: giving or marked by complete attention to.

Assumed: adopted in order to deceive.

Intent: the intended meaning of a communication.

Assume: make a pretence of.

Aim: an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions.

Fake: a person who makes deceitful pretenses.

Pillow Sham: bed linen consisting of a decorative cover for a pillow.

Believe: accept as true; take to be true.

Make: act in a certain way so as to acquire.

Related Words

غلط ترجمانی کرنا : Belie , بے تکی باتیں کرنا : Bull

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