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ڈرامائی انداز میں پیش کرنے کی صلاحیت : Daramai Andaz Mein Pesh Karnay Ki Salahiyat Meaning in English

Daramai Andaz Mein Pesh Karnay Ki Salahiyat in Detail

1) ڈرامائی انداز میں پیش کرنے کی صلاحیت تماشا کاری : Showmanship : (noun) the ability to present something (especially theatrical shows) in an attractive manner.


Useful Words

تھیٹر : House , تھیٹر کی طرز لیے ھوئے : Stagily , پرکشش طوور پر : Cunningly , ناقابلیت : Inability , تھیٹر فنکار : Actor , ایک اعلانچہ : Playbill , چٹکلہ : Skit , موزوں اداکاری کرنا : Act , فنکاروں کا گروہ : Company , جھنڈا : Colors , نمک حرام : Ingrate , رہبری کرنے والا : Guide , گھڑی : Clock , دن کا ڈرامہ : Matinee , اسٹیج ڈرامے کا وہ ایکٹ جس کے اندر رقص و سرود دونوں موجود ہوں : Song And Dance , مسافت میٹر : Hodometer , بزدل : Coward , احتساب : Censoring , مختصر اسٹیج اداکاری : Act , پتلی تماشا : Puppetry , جواز : Justification , علامت : Note , ناچ گانے کی تقریب : Concert , گروہی رقص : Ballet , ترازو : Scale , تفریحی پارک : Amusement Park , فرش بندی کرنا : Pave , کسی فن میں ماہر : Artist , اسٹیج کے کاموں میں حصہ لینے والا : Stage Technician , متاثر کرنا : Appeal , با اختیار انسان جو اپنوں کو نوازے : Nepotist

Useful Words Definitions

House: a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented.

Stagily: in a stagy and theatrical manner.

Cunningly: in an attractive manner.

Inability: lack of ability (especially mental ability) to do something.

Actor: a theatrical performer.

Playbill: a theatrical program.

Skit: a short theatrical episode.

Act: be suitable for theatrical performance.

Company: organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical).

Colors: a flag that shows its nationality.

Ingrate: a person who shows no gratitude.

Guide: someone who shows the way by leading or advising.

Clock: a timepiece that shows the time of day.

Matinee: a theatrical performance held during the daytime (especially in the afternoon).

Song And Dance: theatrical performance combining singing and dancing.

Hodometer: a meter that shows mileage traversed.

Coward: a person who shows fear or timidity.

Censoring: deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances.

Act: a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program.

Puppetry: the art of making puppets and presenting puppet shows.

Justification: something (such as a fact or circumstance) that shows an action to be reasonable or necessary.

Note: a tone of voice that shows what the speaker is feeling.

Concert: a performance of music by players or singers not involving theatrical staging.

Ballet: a theatrical representation of a story that is performed to music by trained dancers.

Scale: a measuring instrument for weighing; shows amount of mass.

Amusement Park: a commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement.

Pave: a setting with precious stones so closely set that no metal shows.

Artist: a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination.

Stage Technician: an employee of a theater who performs work involved in putting on a theatrical production.

Appeal: be attractive to.

Nepotist: a powerful person who shows favoritism to relatives or close friends.

Related Words

اہلیت : Accomplishment

Close Words

ڈرامائی انداز میں : Dramatically , ڈرامائی پیش کش : Screenplay , ڈرامائی : Spectacular

Close Words Definitions

Dramatically: in a dramatic manner.

Screenplay: a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets.

Spectacular: characteristic of spectacles or drama.

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