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دارالحکومت : Darulhukumat Meaning in English

Darulhukumat in Detail

1 of 2) دارالحکومت : Capital : (noun) a center that is associated more than any other with some activity or product.


2 of 2) دارالحکومت : National Capital : (noun) the capital city of a nation.

Useful Words

سرگرمی : Action : the state of being active. "Avoid bad activities".

کوئی : Any : to any degree or extent. "It isn`t any great thing".

کام چلانے کے لیے سرمایہ : Capital : assets available for use in the production of further assets. "I need big capital to establish the company".

بیچ : Center : equally distant from the extremes.

بڑی آبادی والا شہر : City : a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts. "I had gone to the city".

زیادہ : More : (comparative of `much` used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning greater in size or amount or extent or degree. "For how many time more?".

ریاست : Body Politic : a politically organized body of people under a single government. "The state has elected a new president".

قدیم دور کے متعلق : Early : belonging to the distant past. "The early inhabitants of Europe".

مال تجارت : Merchandise : commodities offered for sale. "Good business depends on having good merchandise".

تھوڑا : Some : relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent. "May I have some words with you?".

سے : Than : Used for comparison. "She is a better than I".

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