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Dat meaning in Urdu

Dat Sentence

You need dat to tape the sound.

Dat Synonym

Dat Definitions

1) Dat, Digital Audiotape : آواز محفوظ کرنے والا آلہ : (noun) a digital tape recording of sound.


Useful Words

Digital Eye Strain : اسکرین کی وجہ سے ہونے والا آنکھوں پر دباو , Cassette : ٹیپ ریکارڈنگ کیسیٹ , Dvd : ڈیجیٹل ویڈیو ڈسک , Minicomputer : چھوٹا کمپیوٹر , Digital Scanner : جائزہ کار آلہ , Tape : صدائی فیتہ , Cd-Rom : صرف ریڈ کرنے والی سی ڈی , Ballottement : تشخیص حمل کا ایک طریقہ , Talking Book : بولتی کتاب , Cellulose Tape : اسکاچ ٹیپ , Quality : آواز کی خصوصی کیفیت , Sonic Boom : صوتی دھماکا , Assonant : ہم صوت , Adhesive Tape : گوند پٹی , Echo : گونج , Yard Measure : ایک گز کا فٹا , Adhesive Plaster : چپک جانے والا پلاسٹر , Dictaphone : املا مشین , Bleat : بھیڑ کی آواز , Noise : آواز , Bobbin : پھرکی , Splice : جوڑنا , Friction Tape : ایک قسم کا ٹیپ , Meow : بلی کی آواز , Play Back : دوبارہ سنائی گئی , Dictate : کہہ کر لکھوانا , Acrophony : ہم آواز الفاظ , Bookkeeping : کاروباری حساب لکھنا , Cd Burner : سی ڈی ریکارڈ کرنے والا , Cardiogram : برقی نگارش قلب , Master : اصل

Useful Words Definitions

Digital Eye Strain: Digital eye strain happens when a person uses digital devices for long time.

Cassette: a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video.

Dvd: Digital Video Disc.

Minicomputer: a digital computer of medium size.

Digital Scanner: an electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer.

Tape: a recording made on magnetic tape.

Cd-Rom: a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system); a large amount of digital information can be stored and accessed but it cannot be altered by the user.

Ballottement: a palpatory technique for feeling a floating object in the body (especially for determining the position of a fetus by feeling the rebound of the fetus after a quick digital tap on the wall of the uterus).

Talking Book: sound recording of someone reading a book; frequently used by blind people.

Cellulose Tape: transparent or semitransparent adhesive tape (trade names Scotch tape and Sellotape) used for sealing or attaching or mending.

Quality: (music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound).

Sonic Boom: an explosive sound caused by the shock wave of an airplane traveling faster than the speed of sound.

Assonant: having the same sound (especially the same vowel sound) occurring in successive stressed syllables.

Adhesive Tape: tape coated with adhesive.

Echo: the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves.

Yard Measure: a ruler or tape that is three feet long.

Adhesive Plaster: adhesive tape used in dressing wounds.

Dictaphone: a tape recorder that records and reproduces dictation.

Bleat: the sound of sheep or goats (or any sound resembling this).

Noise: sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound).

Bobbin: a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound.

Splice: a junction where two things (as paper or film or magnetic tape) have been joined together.

Friction Tape: a water-resistant adhesive tape used to insulate exposed electrical conductors.

Meow: the sound made by a cat (or any sound resembling this).

Play Back: reproduce (a recording) on a recorder.

Dictate: say out loud for the purpose of recording.

Acrophony: naming a letter of the alphabet by using a word whose initial sound is the sound represented by that letter.

Bookkeeping: the activity of recording business transactions.

Cd Burner: recording equipment for making compact disks.

Cardiogram: a graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph.

Master: an original creation (i.e., an audio recording) from which copies can be made.

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