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Date Plum meaning in Urdu

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Date Plum Definitions

1) Date Plum, Diospyros Lotus : املوک : (noun) an Asiatic persimmon tree cultivated for its small yellow or purplish-black edible fruit much valued by Afghan tribes.


Useful Words

Persimmon : املوک , American Red Plum : شمال امریکی جنگلی آلوچہ کا درخت سرخ اور نارنگی رنگ کے پھل والا , Diospyros Kaki : ایک قسم کا جاپانی پھل , Prunus Cuneata : ریگ چیری کا پھل , Date : کھجور , Plumlike : آلوچہ نما , Damson : آلو بخارا , Blind Date : مرد اور عورت کے درمیان پہلی ملاقات , Common Fig : انجیر کا درخت , Drupe : گٹھلی دار پھل , Actinidia Arguta : چھوٹی کیوی , Hog Plum : بیر جیسا پھل , Prunus Avium : شیریں چیری , Black Elder : کالے آلوچے کا درخت , European Olive Tree : زیتون کا درخت , Medlar : ایک قسم کا چھوٹا درخت , Hibiscus Syriacus : نرگسی گلاب , Jerusalem Cherry : جنوب امریکہ کا ایک پودا جس کے لال اور پیلے چیری کی طرح پھل ہوتے ہیں , Genip : میٹھے پھل والا امریکی پیڑ , Prune : آلوچہ , Chickpea : بوٹ , Circassian Walnut : ایرانی اخروٹ , Carica Papaya : پپیتا , Evergreen Cherry : جنگلی آلوچہ , Fruit Tree : پھلوں والا درخت , Ratafee : تیز خوشبو دار شراب , Olive Tree : زیتون کا درخت , Actinidia : کیوی پھل , Actinidia Chinensis : کیوی , Brassica Rapa : شلغم , Anchovy Pear : انڈیا میں پایا جانے والا درخت

Useful Words Definitions

Persimmon: orange fruit resembling a plum; edible when fully ripe.

American Red Plum: wild plum trees of eastern and central North America having red-orange fruit with yellow flesh.

Diospyros Kaki: small deciduous Asiatic tree bearing large red or orange edible astringent fruit.

Prunus Cuneata: small straggling American cherry growing on sandy soil and having minute scarcely edible purplish-black fruit.

Date: sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed.

Plumlike: resembling a plum fruit.

Damson: dark purple plum of the damson tree.

Blind Date: a participant in a blind date (someone you meet for the first time when you have a date with them).

Common Fig: Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit.

Drupe: fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond; peach; plum; cherry; elderberry; olive; jujube.

Actinidia Arguta: climbing Asiatic vine having long finely serrate leaves and racemes of white flowers followed by greenish-yellow edible fruit.

Hog Plum: tropical American tree having edible yellow fruit.

Prunus Avium: large Eurasian tree producing small dark bitter fruit in the wild but edible sweet fruit under cultivation.

Black Elder: a common shrub with black fruit or a small tree of Europe and Asia; fruit used for wines and jellies.

European Olive Tree: evergreen tree cultivated in the Mediterranean region since antiquity and now elsewhere; has edible shiny black fruits.

Medlar: small deciduous tree of southern Africa having edible fruit.

Hibiscus Syriacus: Asiatic shrub or small shrubby tree having showy bell-shaped rose or purple or white flowers and usually three-lobed leaves; widely cultivated in temperate North America and Europe.

Jerusalem Cherry: small South American shrub cultivated as a houseplant for its abundant ornamental but poisonous red or yellow cherry-sized fruit.

Genip: tropical American tree bearing a small edible fruit with green leathery skin and sweet juicy translucent pulp.

Prune: dried plum.

Chickpea: Asiatic herb cultivated for its short pods with one or two edible seeds.

Circassian Walnut: Eurasian walnut valued for its large edible nut and its hard richly figured wood; widely cultivated.

Carica Papaya: tropical American shrub or small tree having huge deeply palmately cleft leaves and large oblong yellow fruit.

Evergreen Cherry: California evergreen wild plum with spiny leathery leaves and white flowers.

Fruit Tree: tree bearing edible fruit.

Ratafee: sweet liqueur made from wine and brandy flavored with plum or peach or apricot kernels and bitter almonds.

Olive Tree: a tree of the genus Olea cultivated for its fruit.

Actinidia: small Asiatic woody vine bearing many-seeded fruit.

Actinidia Chinensis: climbing vine native to China; cultivated in New Zealand for its fuzzy edible fruit with green meat.

Brassica Rapa: widely cultivated plant having a large fleshy edible white or yellow root.

Anchovy Pear: West Indian tree bearing edible fruit resembling mango.

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