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1) Day Bed, Studio Couch : ایک بے پشت صوفہ جسے ضرورت کے وقت باہر نکال کر دوہرا بستر بنا لیا جاتا ھے : (noun) convertible consisting of an upholstered couch that can be converted into a double bed.


Useful Words

Daybed : ایک قسم کا بیڈ سوفہ , Common Stock Equivalent : حصص کا متبادل , Hautbois : شہنائی , Easy Chair : آرام دے کرسی , Couch : ایک لمبی سی نشست , Commissary : فلم اسٹوڈیو کی وہ جگہ جہاں ہلکا پھلکا کھانے ملتا ہو , Artist's Workroom : نقاش خانہ , Hardtop : سخت چھت والی گاڑی , Alum : پھٹکری , Adenosine Monophosphate : پٹھوں کا خلیہ , Current Assets : فوری نقد پذیر اثاثے , Caramelise : کیرامل بنانا , Domestic : پالتو جانور وغیرہ , Redouble : دگنا کرنا , Fluid : اثاثہ جو آسانی سے کیش ہوسکے , Cashable : کیش ہونے کے لائق , Proselyte : نو مذہبی , Double : دوگنا , Adenosine Diphosphate : اڈینوسائی کا مرکب , Boiler : پانی کو بھاپ میں تبدیل کرنے کی مشین , Convert : مذہب تبدیل کرنے والا شخص , Double Cross : مکر کرنا , Ergosterol : آدمی اور جانوروں کی چربی میں پرو وٹامن موجود ہوتا ہے جو دھوپ میں وٹامن ڈی ۲ میں تبدیل ہو جاتا ہے , Digestible : قابل ہضم , Cartilage : نرم ہڈی , Redouble : اضافہ کر دینا , Gable Roof : کوہانی چھت , Potassium Sodium Tartrate : راشل نمک , Hairpin : بال پن , Bassoon : بانسری , Claymore : دو دھاری تلوار

Useful Words Definitions

Daybed: an armless couch; a seat by day and a bed by night.

Common Stock Equivalent: preferred stock or convertible bonds or warrants that can be converted into common stock.

Hautbois: a slender double-reed instrument; a woodwind with a conical bore and a double-reed mouthpiece.

Easy Chair: a comfortable upholstered armchair.

Couch: an upholstered seat for more than one person.

Commissary: a snack bar in a film studio.

Artist's Workroom: a studio especially for an artist or designer.

Hardtop: a car that resembles a convertible but has a fixed rigid top.

Alum: a white crystalline double sulfate of aluminum: the ammonium double sulfate of aluminum.

Adenosine Monophosphate: a nucleotide found in muscle cells and important in metabolism; reversibly convertible to ADP and ATP.

Current Assets: assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash).

Caramelise: be converted into caramel.

Domestic: converted or adapted to domestic use.

Redouble: double again.

Fluid: in cash or easily convertible to cash.

Cashable: able to be converted into ready money or the equivalent.

Proselyte: a new convert; especially a gentile converted to Judaism.

Double: to double the degree.

Adenosine Diphosphate: an ester of adenosine that is converted to ATP for energy storage.

Boiler: sealed vessel where water is converted to steam.

Convert: a person who has been converted to another religious or political belief.

Double Cross: betray by double-dealing.

Ergosterol: a plant sterol that is converted into vitamin D by ultraviolet radiation.

Digestible: capable of being converted into assimilable condition in the alimentary canal.

Cartilage: tough elastic tissue; mostly converted to bone in adults.

Redouble: double in magnitude, extent, or intensity.

Gable Roof: a double sloping roof with a ridge and gables at each end.

Potassium Sodium Tartrate: a double salt used in Seidlitz powder; acts as a cathartic.

Hairpin: a double pronged pin used to hold women's hair in place.

Bassoon: a double-reed instrument; the tenor of the oboe family.

Claymore: a large double-edged broadsword; formerly used by Scottish Highlanders.

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