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Dead Load meaning in Urdu

Dead Load Definitions

1) Dead Load : انتہائی وزن : (noun) a constant load on a structure (e.g. a bridge) due to the weight of the supported structure itself.


Useful Words

Live Load : کسی ڈھانچے پر وزن ہونا ٹریفک یا افراد وغیرہ کا , Burdened : وزن اٹھائے ہوئے , Overcharge : وزن ڈالنا یا وزن رکھنا , Offload : بوج اتارنا , Lade : بھرنا , Millstone : بھاری وزن , Draft : بوجھ کھینچنے کا عمل , Loading : بھرائی , Depot : گودام , Wall Plate : دیواری داسہ , Truss : پیل پایہ , Dump Truck : لدو ٹرک , Hoist : وزن اٹھانے کا آلہ , Pontoon : چوڑے تلے کی کشتی , Column : ستون , Hierarchical Data Structure : شجرہ , Structural : ڈھانچہ , Trestle Bridge : قینچی دار پل , Asleep : مرحوم , Deadly : جیسے مردہ , Resurrect : موت کے بعد دوبارہ زندہ ہونا , Revenant : مرنے کے بعد روح کی صورت میں واپس آ جانے والا , Hades : عالم برزخ , Cadaver : لاش , Necromancy : حاضرات؛ احضار اموات؛ کالا جادو؛ جادو گری , Cremation : لاش جلانے کا عمل , Widower : رنڈوا , Requiem : دعائے بخشش , Embalm : مردہ جسم کو محفوظ کرنا , Rest In Peace : مرنے والے کے لئے امن کی دعا , Cinerary : راکھ کا

Useful Words Definitions

Live Load: a variable load on a structure (e.g. a bridge) such as moving traffic.

Burdened: bearing a physically heavy weight or load.

Overcharge: place too much a load on.

Offload: take the load off (a container or vehicle).

Lade: fill or place a load on.

Millstone: any load that is difficult to carry.

Draft: the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling.

Loading: the labor of putting a load of something on or in a vehicle or ship or container etc..

Depot: station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods.

Wall Plate: plate (a timber along the top of a wall) to support the ends of joists, etc., and distribute the load.

Truss: a framework of beams (rafters, posts, struts) forming a rigid structure that supports a roof or bridge or other structure.

Dump Truck: truck whose contents can be emptied without handling; the front end of the platform can be pneumatically raised so that the load is discharged by gravity.

Hoist: A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps..

Pontoon: (nautical) a floating structure (as a flat-bottomed boat) that serves as a dock or to support a bridge.

Column: (architecture) a tall vertical cylindrical structure standing upright and used to support a structure.

Hierarchical Data Structure: a structure of data having several levels arranged in a treelike structure.

Structural: relating to or caused by structure, especially political or economic structure.

Trestle Bridge: a bridge supported by trestlework.

Asleep: dead.

Deadly: as if dead.

Resurrect: return from the dead.

Revenant: someone who has returned from the dead.

Hades: (religion) the world of the dead.

Cadaver: the dead body of a human being.

Necromancy: conjuring up the dead, especially for prophesying.

Cremation: the incineration of a dead body.

Widower: a man whose wife is dead especially one who has not remarried.

Requiem: a Mass celebrated for the dead.

Embalm: preserve a dead body.

Rest In Peace: prayer for dead person.

Cinerary: containing or used for ashes of the cremated dead.

Related Words

Burden : وزن

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