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Dead Soul meaning in Urdu

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Dead Soul Definitions

1) Dead Soul, Dead Person, Deceased, Deceased Person, Decedent, Departed : مرحوم : (noun) someone who is no longer alive.

Useful Words

Requiescat : مرحومین کے لیے دعا , Ghost : روح , Rest In Peace : مرنے والے کے لئے امن کی دعا , Death Mask : مردے کے چہرے کا پلاسٹر , Canonise : ولی بنانا , Funeral : جنازہ , Body : لاش , Watcher : تیمار دار , Coronach : نوحہ , Death Duty : محصول ورثہ , Spiritualism : روحانیت , Canonisation : ولایت , Asleep : مرحوم , Deadly : جیسے مردہ , Revenant : مرنے کے بعد روح کی صورت میں واپس آ جانے والا , Resurrect : موت کے بعد دوبارہ زندہ ہونا , Cremation : لاش جلانے کا عمل , Requiem : دعائے بخشش , Cadaver : لاش , Hades : عالم برزخ , Necromancy : حاضرات؛ احضار اموات؛ کالا جادو؛ جادو گری , Widower : رنڈوا , Embalm : مردہ جسم کو محفوظ کرنا , Cinerary : راکھ کا , Casket : تابوت , Cremains : لاش کی خاک , Elegy : مرثیہ , Medium : روحانی بابا , Necromancer : جادو گر ؛ سیانا؛ ساحر؛ حضراتی , Widow : بیوہ , Coffin : تابوت میں ڈالنا

Useful Words Definitions

Requiescat: a prayer for the repose of the soul of a dead person.

Ghost: the visible disembodied soul of a dead person.

Rest In Peace: prayer for dead person.

Death Mask: a cast taken from the face of a dead person.

Canonise: declare (a dead person) to be a saint.

Funeral: a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated.

Body: a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person.

Watcher: a person who keeps a devotional vigil by a sick bed or by a dead body.

Coronach: a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.

Death Duty: a tax on the estate of the deceased person.

Spiritualism: the belief that the spirits of dead people can communicate with people who are still alive (especially via a medium).

Canonisation: (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church) the act of admitting a deceased person into the canon of saints.

Asleep: dead.

Deadly: as if dead.

Revenant: someone who has returned from the dead.

Resurrect: return from the dead.

Cremation: the incineration of a dead body.

Requiem: a Mass celebrated for the dead.

Cadaver: the dead body of a human being.

Hades: (religion) the world of the dead.

Necromancy: conjuring up the dead, especially for prophesying.

Widower: a man whose wife is dead especially one who has not remarried.

Embalm: preserve a dead body.

Cinerary: containing or used for ashes of the cremated dead.

Casket: wooden box in which a dead body is buried.

Cremains: the remains of a dead body after cremation.

Elegy: a mournful poem; a lament for the dead.

Medium: someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead.

Necromancer: one who practices divination by conjuring up the dead.

Widow: a woman whose husband is dead especially one who has not remarried.

Coffin: place dead body into a coffin.

Related Words

Individual : شخص , Dead : مردہ , Infernal : جہنمی

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