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1 of 2) Deaf : بہرا, سننے سے محروم : (noun) people who have severe hearing impairments.

The guy kept using flirty words to court her then she typed on her mobile that I am deaf.
Many of the deaf use sign language.

2 of 2) Deaf, Deafen : بہرا کر نا : (verb) make or render deaf.

A deafening noise.

Useful Words

Lip-Read : گونگے لوگوں کے ہونٹوں کی حرکت سے سمجھنا , Blind : اندھا , Deaf As A Post : بالکل بہرا , Deaf-And-Dumb Person : گونگا بہرا , Hearing Dog : بہروں کا مددگار کتا , Administrative Hearing : ابتدائی شنوائی , Rehearing : دوبارہ سماعت , Catch : سننا , Hearing : سننے کا عمل , Aural : اذنی , Hard-Of-Hearing : قوت سماعت سے محروم , Hearing Disorder : قوت سماعت کا مسئلہ , Biaural : دونوں کانوں سے , Audile : سماعت سے متعلق , Audiometer : سماعت پیما , Deafening : نہایت تیز آواز جو کان کے پردے پھاڑنے والی ہو , Live : براہ راست , Perceivable : محسوس ہونے کے قابل , Deafness : بہرا پن , Acoustic : بہرے پن کا علاج , Ear : کان , Deaf-And-Dumb : گونگا بہرا , Hear Out : غور سے سننا , Appearance : حاضری , Quo Warranto : ایک عدالتی حکم نامہ , Ototoxic : کان پر کسی زہریلے ایکشن کا ہونا , Acoustic Aphasia : کمزور قوت سماعت , Ear Trumpet : کمزور سماعت والوں کے لئے آلہ سماعت , Harsh : شدید , Bawling Out : ڈانٹ , Badly : سخت

Useful Words Definitions

Lip-Read: interpret by lipreading; of deaf people.

Blind: people who have severe visual impairments, considered as a group.

Deaf As A Post: totally deaf; unable to hear anything.

Deaf-And-Dumb Person: a deaf person who is unable to speak.

Hearing Dog: dog trained to assist the deaf by signaling the occurrence of certain sounds.

Administrative Hearing: a hearing that takes place outside the judicial process before hearing examiners who have been granted judicial authority specifically for the purpose of conducting such hearings.

Rehearing: the act of hearing again.

Catch: perceive by hearing.

Hearing: the act of hearing attentively.

Aural: of or pertaining to hearing or the ear.

Hard-Of-Hearing: having a hearing loss.

Hearing Disorder: impairment of the sense of hearing.

Biaural: relating to or having or hearing with two ears.

Audile: of or relating to the process of hearing.

Audiometer: an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing.

Deafening: loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss.

Live: actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing.

Perceivable: capable of being perceived especially by sight or hearing.

Deafness: partial or complete loss of hearing.

Acoustic: a remedy for hearing loss or deafness.

Ear: the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.

Deaf-And-Dumb: lacking the sense of hearing and the ability to speak.

Hear Out: listen to every detail and give a full hearing to.

Appearance: formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action.

Quo Warranto: a hearing to determine by what authority someone has an office or franchise or liberty.

Ototoxic: toxic to the organs of hearing or balance or to the auditory nerve.

Acoustic Aphasia: an impairment in understanding spoken language that is not attributable to hearing loss.

Ear Trumpet: a conical acoustic device formerly used to direct sound to the ear of a hearing-impaired person.

Harsh: severe.

Bawling Out: a severe scolding.

Badly: to a severe or serious degree.

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