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Debatable meaning in Urdu

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Debatable Definitions

1 of 2) Debatable, Problematic, Problematical : شک, مشتبہ : (satellite adjective) open to doubt or debate.

2 of 2) Debatable, Arguable, Disputable, Moot : قابل بحث, قابل مباحثہ, بحث طلب : (satellite adjective) open to argument or debate.

Useful Words

Doubtful : مشکوک , Arguer : دلیلیں دینے والا , Moderator : ثالث , Exceptionable : اعتراض کے قابل , Wrestle : لڑنا , Closure : بحث کا اختتام , Doubtless : بے شک , Assuredly : بلاشبہ , Disbelief : یقین کے بارے میں شک ہونا , Unimpeachable : باوثوق , Doubting : شکی , By All Odds : بے شک , Distrust : شک , Clearly : بیشک , Implicit : پختہ , Compound Fracture : وہ فریکچر جس میں ہڈی ٹوٹ کر گوشت سے باہر آجاتی ہے , All Right : یقیناً , Belike : ممکنہ طور پر , Indisputable : جس میں شک کی کوئی گنجائش نہ ہو , Certain : یقینی , Doubtful : مشکوک , Peradventure : شاید , Assurance : اعتماد , Cloud : خراب کرنا , Arriere Pensee : تحفظ , Question : سوچنا , Certain : مطمئن , Conclusive : فیصلہ کن , Secure : بے فکر , Boggle : جھجکنا , Askance : بھینگا پن

Useful Words Definitions

Doubtful: open to doubt or suspicion.

Arguer: someone who engages in debate to others.

Moderator: someone who presides over a forum or debate.

Exceptionable: liable to objection or debate; used of something one might take exception to.

Wrestle: engage in deep thought, consideration, or debate.

Closure: a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body.

Doubtless: without doubt; certainly.

Assuredly: without a doubt.

Disbelief: doubt about the truth of something.

Unimpeachable: beyond doubt or reproach.

Doubting: marked by or given to doubt.

By All Odds: without question and beyond doubt.

Distrust: doubt about someone`s honesty.

Clearly: without doubt or question.

Implicit: being without doubt or reserve.

Compound Fracture: A "compound fracture" occurs when a broken bone penetrates the skin, resulting in an open wound. This condition is also referred to as an open fracture..

All Right: without doubt (used to reinforce an assertion).

Belike: with considerable certainty; without much doubt.

Indisputable: impossible to doubt or dispute.

Certain: established beyond doubt or question; definitely known.

Doubtful: fraught with uncertainty or doubt.

Peradventure: doubt or uncertainty as to whether something is the case.

Assurance: freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities.

Cloud: place under suspicion or cast doubt upon.

Arriere Pensee: an unstated doubt that prevents you from accepting something wholeheartedly.

Question: place in doubt or express doubtful speculation.

Certain: having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured.

Conclusive: forming an end or termination; especially putting an end to doubt or question.

Secure: free from fear or doubt; easy in mind.

Boggle: hesitate when confronted with a problem, or when in doubt or fear.

Askance: (used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy.

Related Words

Controversial : متنازعہ

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