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Debonaire   Meaning in Urdu

1. Debonaire - Debonair - Debonnaire - Suave : خوش اخلاق : having a sophisticated charm.

2. Debonaire - Chipper - Debonair - Jaunty : خوش و خرم : having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air.

Useful Words

Air : ہوا : a mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing; the stuff that the wind consists of. "Get fresh air"

Charm - Magic Spell - Magical Spell - Spell : چھو منتر : a verbal formula believed to have magical force. "He whispered a spell as he moved his hands"

Confident : پر اعتماد : having or marked by confidence or assurance. "A confident speaker"

Self : اپنی ذات : (used as a combining form) relating to--of or by or to or from or for--the self. "Self-knowledge"

Sophisticated : پرکشش : having or appealing to those having worldly knowledge and refinement and savoir-faire. "Sophisticated young socialites"

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