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Deccan Hemp Meaning in Urdu

1. Deccan Hemp - Bimli - Bimli Hemp - Bombay Hemp - Hibiscus Cannabinus - Indian Hemp - Kanaf - Kenaf : فائبر کا پودا : (noun) valuable fiber plant of East Indies now widespread in cultivation.

Hibiscus - any plant of the genus Hibiscus.

Useful Words

Cultivation : اصلاح : socialization through training and education to develop one`s mind or manners. "Her cultivation was remarkable"

East : مشرق کی جانب : to, toward, or in the east. "We travelled east for several miles"

Fiber - Fibre : تار : a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn.

Now : اب : the momentary present. "What is to be done now?"

Plant - Set : پودا لگانا : put or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground. "I have planted this plant"

Valuable : قیمتی : having great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange. "A valuable diamond"

Widespread : پھیلا ہوا : widely circulated or diffused. "Widespread fear of nuclear war"