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1) Deceptive, Misleading, Shoddy : گمراہ کن : (satellite adjective) designed to deceive or mislead either deliberately or inadvertently.

The deceptive calm in the eye of the storm.
Deliberately deceptive packaging.

Related : Dishonorable : deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive.

Useful Words

Half-Truth : نیم سچ : a partially true statement intended to deceive or mislead.

Dishonest, Dishonorable : بدنیت : deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive. "A dishonest officer".

Convolute, Pervert, Sophisticate, Twist, Twist Around : مروڑنا : practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive. "Don't twist my words".

Canard : من گھڑت کہانی : a deliberately misleading fabrication.

Beat Around The Bush, Equivocate, Palter, Prevaricate, Tergiversate : گول مول بات کرنا : be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information.

Color, Colour, Gloss, Semblance : جھلک : an outward or token appearance or form that is deliberately misleading. "There was not a semblance of law and order".

Unawares : بے ارادہ طور پر : without forethought or plan; inadvertently. "Came upon the diamond unawares".

Cheapjack, Shoddy, Tawdry : بھدا : cheap and shoddy. "Cheapjack moviemakingthat feeds on the low taste of the mob".

Shoddily : گھٹیا طریقے سے : in a shoddy manner. "A shoddily built house".

Cheap-Jack, Huckster : بےکار بھدی اشیاء فروخت کرنے والا : a seller of shoddy goods.

Deceptiveness, Obliquity : دہوکا دہی : the quality of being deceptive.

Posturer : دھوکے باز : someone who behaves in a manner calculated to impress or mislead others.

Delusively : فریب کارانہ : in a deceptive and unrealistic manner. "The village looked delusively near".

Dirty, Sordid : برا : unethical or dishonest. "Dirty police officers".

Cozen, Deceive, Delude, Lead On : دھوکا ہونا : be false to; be dishonest with. "You are deluded that you will get refund".

Artifice, Ruse : ٹال مٹول : a deceptive maneuver (especially to avoid capture).

Misgovernment, Misrule : ناکام حکمرانی : government that is inefficient or dishonest. "Misrule in Africa".

Ambiguous, Equivocal : مبہم : open to two or more interpretations; or of uncertain nature or significance; or (often) intended to mislead. "An ambiguous political statement".

Feint : چکمہ دینا : any distracting or deceptive maneuver (as a mock attack).

Honest, Honorable : ایماندار : not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent. "I will show you to be honest".

Meretriciousness, Speciousness : فریب : an appearance of truth that is false or deceptive; seeming plausibility. "The speciousness of his argument".

Shark : لالچی انسان : a person who is ruthless and greedy and dishonest.

Corrupt, Crooked : دغاباز : not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive. "Corrupt military commander".

Deceivingly, Deceptively, Misleadingly : دہوکا دینے کے انداز سے : in a misleading way. "The exam looked deceptively easy".

Imputation : تہمت : a statement attributing something dishonest (especially a criminal offense). "He denied the imputation".

Misconduct : بد اعمالی : bad or dishonest management by persons supposed to act on another's behalf.

Sophistic, Sophistical : مغالطہ آمیز : plausible but misleading.

Deceit, Deception, Misrepresentation : غلط بیانی : a misleading falsehood.

Creature, Puppet, Tool : چیلا : a person who is controlled by others and is used to perform unpleasant or dishonest tasks for someone else.

Undependable, Unreliable : ناقابل اعتماد : liable to be erroneous or misleading. "An undependable generalization".

Bastard, Bogus, Fake, Phoney, Phony : دہوکے باز : fraudulent; having a misleading appearance.

Deceptive in Book Titles

Deceptive Advertising: Behavioral Study of A Legal Concept.
Deceptive Innocence, Part One.
Deceptive Card Play.

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