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Deeds meaning in Urdu

Deeds Sentence

Salvation by deeds.

Deeds Synonym

Deeds Definitions

1) Deeds, Works : دستاویز حقیقت کی امانتی تحویل, اعمال : (noun) performance of moral or religious acts.


Useful Words

Epic Poetry : تعریفی شاعری , Epic : طویل تعریفی نظم , Homily : تبلیغی خطبہ , Intermezzo : درمیانی نغمہ , Censor : حذف کرنا , Officiation : انجام دہی , Hans Holbein : جرمن مذہبی پینڑر , Genocide : قتل عام , Corruption : بد کاری , Ayatollah : شیعہ مسلمانوں کا روحانی پیشوا , Convert : عقیدہ تبدیل کرنا , Chrism : مقدس تیل , Good : شریف , Beholden : احسان مند , Cleanness : پاکیزگی , Sin : گناہ کرنا , Miscreant : عیاش , Undergird : مضبوط کرنا , Good : عمدہ , Sound : پاکیزہ , Infection : اخلاقی بیماری , Morally : اخلاقی طور پر , Moralise : اخلاقی شکل دینا , Warp : ذہنی دبائو , Righteousness : نیکی , Unwholesome : مضر , Scruple : جھجھکنا , Moralistic : اخلاق پرستانہ , Caution : انتباہ , Aide : نائب , Unprincipled : بے اصول

Useful Words Definitions

Epic Poetry: poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero.

Epic: a long narrative poem telling of a hero`s deeds.

Homily: a sermon on a moral or religious topic.

Intermezzo: a short piece of instrumental music composed for performance between acts of a drama or opera.

Censor: subject to political, religious, or moral censorship.

Officiation: the performance of a religious or ceremonial or public duty.

Hans Holbein: German painter of religious works (1465-1524).

Genocide: systematic and deliberate killing of a specific ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. It involves acts such as mass killings, forced relocation, and other forms of violence.

Corruption: moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles.

Ayatollah: a high-ranking Shiite religious leader who is regarded as an authority on religious law and its interpretation and who has political power as well.

Convert: change religious beliefs, or adopt a religious belief.

Chrism: Holy oil typically refers to an anointing oil used in religious rituals and ceremonies. It may be consecrated or blessed and holds symbolic significance in various religious traditions for spiritual purposes.

Good: of moral excellence.

Beholden: under a moral obligation to someone.

Cleanness: without moral defects.

Sin: commit a sin; violate a law of God or a moral law.

Miscreant: a person without moral scruples.

Undergird: lend moral support to.

Good: moral excellence or admirableness.

Sound: free from moral defect.

Infection: moral corruption or contamination.

Morally: with respect to moral principles.

Moralise: interpret the moral meaning of.

Warp: a moral or mental distortion.

Righteousness: adhering to moral principles.

Unwholesome: detrimental to physical or moral well-being.

Scruple: hesitate on moral grounds.

Moralistic: narrowly and conventionally moral.

Caution: a warning against certain acts.

Aide: someone who acts as assistant.

Unprincipled: lacking principles or moral scruples.

Related Words

Activity : سرگرمی , Plural : جمع کا صیغہ

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