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دین اسلام : Deen Islam Meaning in English


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1 of 2) Islam : دین اسلام : (noun) the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad as laid down in the Koran.

English Synonym(s) : Islamism Mohammedanism Muhammadanism Muslimism

Related : Sunnah : (Islam) the way of life prescribed as normative for Muslims on the basis of the teachings and practices of Muhammad and interpretations of the Koran. Ramadan : (Islam) a fast (held from sunrise to sunset) that is carried out during the Islamic month of Ramadan. Kaaba : (Islam) a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine; believed to have been given by Gabriel to Abraham; Muslims turn in its direction when praying.


2 of 2) Islam : دین اسلام : (noun) the civilization of Muslims collectively which is governed by the Muslim religion.

English Synonym(s) : Muslimism

Related : Fatwah : (Islam) a legal opinion or ruling issued by an Islamic scholar. Shiah Islam : one of the two main branches of orthodox Islam; mainly in Iran. Civilization : a society in an advanced state of social development (e.g., with complex legal and political and religious organizations).

Useful Words

تعلیم : Didactics, Education, Educational Activity, Instruction, Pedagogy, Teaching : the activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart knowledge or skill. "Pedagogy of science"

تعلیم : Instruction, Pedagogy, Teaching : the profession of a teacher. "He prepared for teaching while still in college"

نظام : System : instrumentality that combines interrelated interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity. "The law is blind in the world No one gets justice In order to change the system, the orders of Allah will have to be enforced"

ملائم بال : Down, Pile : fine soft dense hair (as the fine short hair of cattle or deer or the wool of sheep or the undercoat of certain dogs).

خون کا گروپ اے : A, Group A, Type A : the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen.

مقدس فرمان : Commandment, Precept, Teaching : a doctrine that is taught. "The teachings of religion"

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