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Deep-Set meaning in Urdu

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Deep-Set Definitions

1) Deep-Set, Recessed, Sunken : پیچکا ھوا, دھنسا ھوا : (satellite adjective) having a sunken area.

Useful Words

Caisson : صندوق , Brotula : گہرے پانی کی مچھلیاں , Bottomless : بے حد گہرا , Magenta : گہرا لال , Contemplativeness : فکریت , Crevasse : گہرا شگاف , Soul Mate : محبوب , D&m : گہرا اور معنی خیز , Heavy : بلند آواز , Bottomlessness : گہرائی , Crimson : گہرا لال رنگ , Antagonism : دشمنی , Heavy : پکی نیند , Venerator : تعظیم دینے والا , Amber : زرد , Rancorous : بد دل , Compunction : پچھتاوا , Ground Swell : گہرا سمندر , Compassion : رحم دلی , Insight : بصیرت , Sard : سرخ نارنجی عقیق , Bitterness : تعصب , Shallow : ہلکا , Saucepan : ایک برتن , Bay : الفاظ کو کھینچنا , Poisonous : شری , Carbuncle : مہلک پہوڑا , Adored : جس کی عبادت جائے , Boom : دھاڑ , Chips : تلے ہوئے آلو کے قتلے , Corium : اندرونی جلد

Useful Words Definitions

Caisson: an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome.

Brotula: deep-sea fishes.

Bottomless: extremely deep.

Magenta: of deep purplish red.

Contemplativeness: deep serious thoughtfulness.

Crevasse: a deep fissure.

Soul Mate: someone for whom you have a deep affinity.

D&m: Deep and Meaningful.

Heavy: full and loud and deep.

Bottomlessness: the property of being very deep; without limit.

Crimson: a deep and vivid red color.

Antagonism: a state of deep-seated ill-will.

Heavy: (of sleep) deep and complete.

Venerator: someone who regards with deep respect or reverence.

Amber: a deep yellow color.

Rancorous: showing deep-seated resentment.

Compunction: a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed).

Ground Swell: a broad and deep undulation of the ocean.

Compassion: a deep awareness of and sympathy for another`s suffering.

Insight: clear or deep perception of a situation.

Sard: a deep orange-red variety of chalcedony.

Bitterness: a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.

Shallow: not deep or strong; not affecting one deeply.

Saucepan: a deep pan with a handle; used for stewing or boiling.

Bay: utter in deep prolonged tones.

Poisonous: marked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful.

Carbuncle: deep-red cabochon garnet cut without facets.

Adored: regarded with deep or rapturous love (especially as if for a god).

Boom: a deep prolonged loud noise.

Chips: strips of potato fried in deep fat.

Corium: the deep vascular inner layer of the skin.

Related Words

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