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Dejected meaning in Urdu

Dejected Sentence

Is dejected but trying to look cheerful.

Dejected Definitions

1) Dejected : اداس : (adjective) affected or marked by low spirits.


Useful Words

Dejectedly : اداسی سے , Despond : ہمت ہارنا , Dispirited : بے دلانہ , Acromegalic : بڑھا ہوا , Frenzied : خبطی , Dejectedness : افسردگی , Dispossession : جن اتارنے کا عمل , Feel Like A Million : ہشاش بشاش ہونا , Undine : آنکھ دہونے کے لیے چھوٹی پتلی شیشے کی صراحی , Playful : چنچل , Hipflask : چکور بوتل , Cast Down : مایوس کرنا , Blitheness : خوشی , Elated : نازاں , Milk Punch : شراب دودھ , Black Art : کالا جادو , Shinto : شنتو مذہب کا ماننے والا , Subject : زیر اثر , Recreation : تازگی , Spiritualism : روحانیت , Aguish : کپکپاتا , Uninfluenced : جس پر اثر نہ ہو , Catch : پکڑنا , Affectedly : ریا کاری سے , Squint-Eyed : بھینگا , Highly Sensitive : انتہائی حساس , Grundyism : دانشمندانہ , Smitten : کرکنوں کی ہڑتال کے باعث بند , Brainsick : باﺅلا , Mental : پاگل , Cancerous : سرطان سے متاثر

Useful Words Definitions

Dejectedly: in a dejected manner.

Despond: lose confidence or hope; become dejected.

Dispirited: marked by low spirits; showing no enthusiasm.

Acromegalic: marked or affected by enlargement or hypertrophy of the extremities or the face.

Frenzied: affected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason.

Dejectedness: a feeling of low spirits.

Dispossession: freeing from evil spirits.

Feel Like A Million: be in excellent health and spirits.

Undine: any of various female water spirits.

Playful: full of fun and high spirits.

Hipflask: a flask that holds spirits.

Cast Down: lower someone`s spirits; make downhearted.

Blitheness: a feeling of spontaneous good spirits.

Elated: exultantly proud and joyful; in high spirits.

Milk Punch: a punch made of spirits and milk and sugar and spices.

Black Art: the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world.

Shinto: the ancient indigenous religion of Japan lacking formal dogma; characterized by a veneration of nature spirits and of ancestors.

Subject: likely to be affected by something.

Recreation: activity that refreshes and recreates; activity that renews your health and spirits by enjoyment and relaxation.

Spiritualism: the belief that the spirits of dead people can communicate with people who are still alive (especially via a medium).

Aguish: affected by ague.

Uninfluenced: not influenced or affected.

Catch: be struck or affected by.

Affectedly: in an affected manner.

Squint-Eyed: affected by strabismus.

Highly Sensitive: readily affected by various agents.

Grundyism: excessive or affected modesty.

Smitten: (used in combination) affected by something overwhelming.

Brainsick: affected with madness or insanity.

Mental: affected by a disorder of the mind.

Cancerous: relating to or affected with cancer.

Related Words

Chapfallen : پست , Blue : افسردہ , Glum : روٹھا ہوا , Distressed : گھبراہٹ کا , Unhappy : رنجیدہ

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