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Depend Upon  

1. Depend Upon, Depend On, Devolve On, Hinge On, Hinge Upon, Ride, Turn On : منحصر ہونا : (Verb) Be contingent on.

The outcomes rides on the results of the election.
Your grade will depends on your homework.

Build On, Build Upon, Repose On, Rest On - be based on; of theories and claims, for example.

2. Depend Upon, Depend On, Rely On, Rely Upon : کسی پر بھروسہ کرنا : (Verb) Put trust in with confidence.

She is someone you can really rely on when times get rough.
You can rely on his discretion.

Assurance, Authority, Confidence, Self-Assurance, Self-Confidence, Sureness - اعتماد - freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities; "his assurance in his superiority did not make him popular".

Contingent - ٹکڑی - a gathering of persons representative of some larger group; "each nation sent a contingent of athletes to the Olympics".

Place, Put, Set - اندازہ لگانا - estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 PM".

Trust, Trustfulness, Trustingness - اعتبار - the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others; "the experience destroyed his trust and personal dignity".