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Derelict meaning in Urdu

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Derelict Definitions

1 of 6) Derelict : بے گھر بے روزگار شخص : (noun) a person without a home, job, or property.

2 of 6) Derelict, Creaky, Decrepit, Flea-Bitten, Run-Down, Woebegone : خستہ حال, شکستہ, چرمر : (satellite adjective) worn and broken down by hard use.

3 of 6) Derelict, Abandoned Ship : ترک کردہ جہاز : (noun) a ship abandoned on the high seas.

4 of 6) Derelict, Abandoned, Deserted : ترک کردہ, متروکہ : (satellite adjective) forsaken by owner or inhabitants.

5 of 6) Derelict, Delinquent, Neglectful, Remiss : غیر ذمہ دار, لاپرواہ, غافل : (satellite adjective) failing in what duty requires; exhibiting carelessness or slackness.

Useful Words

Pest : طاعون , Baby Minder : بچوں کی آیا , Colony : بستی , Picknicker : تفریح کرنے والا , Home Tutor : معلم جو گھر پر پڑھاتا ہو , Castaway : وہ شخص جسے گھر یاعلاقے سے نکال دیا گیا ہو , Deportee : جلا وطن , Exile : ملک بدری , House Guest : رات کو رکنے والا مہمان , Baby-Sitter : بچوں کی آیا , Host : میزبان , Home Help : گھریلو ملازم , Domicile : مستقل رہائش , Insured : بیمہ دار , Conveyance : انتقال , Slenderness : نزاکت , Defender : محافظ , Bestower : ہدیہ کرنے والا , Covet : لالچ رکھنا , Caretaker : نگران , Renter : کرایہ دار , Assess : ٹیکس لگانا , Bunco : فریبی چال , Testament : وصیت , Heir-At-Law : قانونی وارث , Legal Guardian : متولی , Revenue Enhancement : محصول , Lease : قسطوں پر خریدنا , Stray : آوارہ جانور , Sleepover : گھر پر یا گھر سے دور تفریح کے لئے رات گزانے کا موقع , Bailor : تحویل کنندہ

Useful Words Definitions

Pest: a serious (sometimes fatal) infection of rodents caused by Yersinia pestis and accidentally transmitted to humans by the bite of a flea that has bitten an infected animal.

Baby Minder: a person who looks after babies (usually in the person`s own home) while the babys` parents are working.

Colony: a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland; inhabitants remain nationals of their home state but are not literally under the home state`s system of government.

Picknicker: a person who is picnicking out of home.

Home Tutor: a person who teach someone at home.

Castaway: a person who is rejected (from society or home).

Deportee: a person who is expelled from home or country by authority.

Exile: a person who is voluntarily absent from home or country.

House Guest: a person who visits and usually stays in someone`s home overnight.

Baby-Sitter: a person engaged to care for children when the parents are not home.

Host: a person who invites guests to a social event (such as a party in his or her own home) and who is responsible for them while they are there.

Home Help: a person hired to help in another`s home (especially one employed by a local authority to help the infirm with domestic work).

Domicile: (law) the residence where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return; every person is compelled to have one and only one domicile at a time.

Insured: a person whose interests are protected by an insurance policy; a person who contracts for an insurance policy that indemnifies him against loss of property or life or health etc..

Conveyance: act of transferring property title from one person to another.

Slenderness: the property of an attractively thin person.

Defender: a person who cares for persons or property.

Bestower: person who makes a gift of property.

Covet: wish, long, or crave for (something, especially the property of another person).

Caretaker: a custodian who is hired to take care of something (property or a person).

Renter: an owner of property who receives payment for its use by another person.

Assess: charge (a person or a property) with a payment, such as a tax or a fine.

Bunco: a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property.

Testament: a legal document declaring a person`s wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die.

Heir-At-Law: the person legally entitled to inherit the property of someone who dies intestate.

Legal Guardian: a person (or institution) to whom legal title to property is entrusted to use for another`s benefit.

Revenue Enhancement: charge against a citizen`s person or property or activity for the support of government.

Lease: the period of time during which a contract conveying property to a person is in effect.

Stray: (of an animal) having no home or having wandered away from home.

Sleepover: an occasion of spending a night away from home or having a guest spend the night in your home (especially as a party for children).

Bailor: the person who delivers personal property (goods or money) in trust to the bailee in a bailment.

Related Words

Ship : بحری جہاز , Pauper : مسکین , Damaged : ٹوٹا ہوا , Negligent : غیر محتاط , Uninhabited : غیر آباد , Worn : فرسودہ

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