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1) Desensitisation, Desensitization : حساسیت کم کرنے کا عمل : (noun) the process of reducing sensitivity.

Related : Decrement : a process of becoming smaller or shorter.

Useful Words

Decrease, Diminution, Reduction, Step-Down : تخفیف کرنے کا عمل : the act of decreasing or reducing something. "Pakistan Law Enforcement Agencies strived hard in reduction of crime level in Pakistan".

Devitalisation, Devitalization : کمزور کرنے کا عمل : the act of reducing the vitality of something.

Weakening : کمزور ہونے کا عمل : the act of reducing the strength of something.

Disarmament, Disarming : تخفیف اسلحہ : act of reducing or depriving of arms. "The disarmament of the aggressor nations must be complete".

Schematisation, Schematization : ترتیب دینے کا عمل : the act of reducing to a scheme or formula.

Tumefaction : سوجن : the process of tumefying; the organic process whereby tissue becomes swollen by the accumulation of fluid within it. "The treatment of tumefaction".

Alleviation, Easement, Easing, Relief : آرام : the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance). "He asked the nurse for relief from the constant pain".

Admixture, Alloy : ملاوٹ : the state of impairing the quality or reducing the value of something.

Deduction, Discount, Price Reduction : خریداری پر چھوٹ دینا : the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise.

Minimisation, Minimization : کم سے کم کرنے کا عمل : the act of reducing something to the least possible amount or degree or position.

Incineration : خاکستر سازی : the act of burning something completely; reducing it to ashes.

Recall, Recollection, Reminiscence : یاد آنا : the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort). "He has total recall of the episode".

Sensitiveness, Sensitivity : حساسیت : sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others).

Hyposmia : سونگھنے کی حس میں کمی : lessened sensitivity to odors.

Decompress, Depressurise, Depressurize : دباوٴ کم کرنا : decrease the pressure of. "Depressurize the cabin in the air plane".

Pare, Pare Down : کم کرنا : decrease gradually or bit by bit.

Rarefaction : ہلکا پن : a decrease in the density of something. "A sound wave causes periodic rarefactions in its medium".

Rollback : قیمتوں یا اجرتوں کا واپس کم ہونا : reducing prices back to some earlier level.

Antenna, Feeler : حس : sensitivity similar to that of a receptor organ. "He had a special antenna for public relations".

Acuteness : خصوصیت : a sensitivity that is keen and highly developed. "Dogs have a remarkable acuteness of smell".

Audiometer, Sonometer : سماعت پیما : an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing.

Photosensitivity, Radiosensitivity : حساسیت نور : sensitivity to the action of radiant energy.

Detractive : کم کرنے والا : causing to decrease in importance or value. "Detractive influences on the volume of investment".

Depreciation, Wear And Tear : استعمال ختم ہونے کی وجہ سے قدر و قیمت کم ہونا : decrease in value of an asset due to obsolescence or use. "Depreciation in accounting".

Soulless : بے جذبہ : lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling.

Aesthete, Esthete : ذوق جمال رکھنے والا : one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature.

Waning : کمی : a gradual decrease in magnitude or extent. "The waning of his enthusiasm was obvious".

Decrease, Diminish, Fall, Lessen : کم کرنا : decrease in size, extent, or range. "The amount of homework decreased towards the end of the semester".

Dip, Drop, Fall, Free Fall : تیزی سے کمی آنا : a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity. "A drop of 57 points on the Dow Jones index".

Shrink, Shrivel : سکڑنا : decrease in size, range, or extent. "His earnings shrank".

Vasoconstriction : خون کی نالیوں میں بندش : decrease in the diameter of blood vessels.

Desensitisation in Book Titles

Systematic Desensitisation for Panic and Phobia: An Introduction for Health.

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