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Designed meaning in Urdu

Designed Sentence

Style is more than the deliberate and designed creation.

Designed Synonym

Designed Definitions

1) Designed, Intentional : کسی مقصد کے لئے بنایا گیا : (adjective) done or made or performed with purpose and intent.

Games designed for all ages.
Well-designed houses.


Useful Words

Board : تختہ , Unintentional : بے مقصد , Will : ہمت , Break-In : نقب زنی , Path : پگڈنڈی , Accept : قبول کرنا , Disposable : قابل ضیاع , Nightclothes : سونے کے کپڑے , Military Plane : جنگی ہوائی جہاز , Plaything : کھلونا , Corrective : نظم و ضبط سے متعلق , Heavy-Duty : بھاری , Chart : نقشہ , Antitank : ٹینک شکن , Cosmetic : زیبائشی چیزیں , Residential : رہایشی , Textile Designing : کپڑا سے متعلق چیزوں کی ڈزائنیگ , Blarney : چاپلوسی , Upmarket : امیروں کے لئے تیار کردہ , Self-Acting : خود کار , Houseboat : رہائشی کشتی , Vessel : بحری جہاز , Jugglery : بازیگری , Behind-The-Scenes : خفیہ طور پر , Woman's Clothing : عورت کا لباس , Preadolescent : بالغ ہونے سے متعلق , Hand Grenade : دستی بم , Bimanual : دونوں ہاتہوں سے , Air-To-Air Missile : ہوا سے ہوا میں مارنے والا میزائیل , Cryometer : برد پیما , Aerial Torpedo : ہوائی بم

Useful Words Definitions

Board: a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose.

Unintentional: not done with purpose or intent.

Will: a fixed and persistent intent or purpose.

Break-In: trespassing for an unlawful purpose; illegal entrance into premises with criminal intent.

Path: a way especially designed for a particular use.

Accept: be designed to hold or take.

Disposable: designed to be disposed of after use.

Nightclothes: garments designed to be worn in bed.

Military Plane: an aircraft designed and used for combat.

Plaything: an artifact designed to be played with.

Corrective: designed to promote discipline.

Heavy-Duty: designed for heavy work.

Chart: a map designed to assist navigation by air or sea.

Antitank: designed for defense against armored vehicles.

Cosmetic: a toiletry designed to beautify the body.

Residential: used or designed for residence or limited to residences.

Textile Designing: a field where textile products are designed.

Blarney: flattery designed to gain favor.

Upmarket: designed for consumers with high incomes.

Self-Acting: designed to activate or move or regulate itself.

Houseboat: a barge that is designed and equipped for use as a dwelling.

Vessel: a craft designed for water transportation.

Jugglery: artful trickery designed to achieve an end.

Behind-The-Scenes: designed and carried out secretly or confidentially.

Woman's Clothing: clothing that is designed for women to wear.

Preadolescent: of or relating to or designed for children between the ages of 9 and 12.

Hand Grenade: a grenade designed to be thrown by hand.

Bimanual: requiring two hands or designed for two people.

Air-To-Air Missile: a missile designed to be launched from one airplane at another.

Cryometer: a thermometer designed to measure low temperatures.

Aerial Torpedo: a torpedo designed to be launched from an airplane.

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