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1 of 4) Desire, Want : چاہنا : (verb) feel or have a desire for; want strongly.

A desire to work in a professional environment despite not having enough education is ridiculous.
It`s my own desire.

Related : Thirst : have a craving, appetite, or great desire for. Take To : have a fancy or particular liking or desire for. Hope : be optimistic; be full of hope; have hopes.


2 of 4) Desire : خواہش, چاہت, آرزو : (noun) an inclination to want things.

A man of many desires.

Related : Thirstiness : strong desire for something (not food or drink). Greed : excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves.

3 of 4) Desire, Hope, Trust : توقع کرنا : (verb) expect and wish.

Related : Wish : hope for; have a wish.

4 of 4) Desire : چاہت : (noun) something that is desired.

Related : Rage : something that is desired intensely. Philistinism : a desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest in ethical or spiritual matters.

Useful Words

Fancy, Go For, Take To : چاہنا : have a fancy or particular liking or desire for. "She fancied a necklace that she had seen in the jeweler's window".

Hanker, Long, Yearn : تڑپنا : desire strongly or persistently. "He was longing to see you".

Alluring, Beguiling, Enticing, Tempting : لبھانے والا : highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire. "Her alluring smile".

Discourage : ناامید کرنا : deprive of courage or hope; take away hope from; cause to feel discouraged.

Enquire, Inquire, Wonder : معلومات چاہنا : have a wish or desire to know something. "He wondered who had built this beautiful church".

Hopelessness : ناامیدی : the despair you feel when you have abandoned hope of comfort or success. "Hopelessness is disbelieve".

Edacity, Esurience, Ravenousness, Voraciousness, Voracity : حرص : excessive desire to eat.

Caprice, Impulse, Whim : خواہش : a sudden desire. "He bought it on an impulse".

Bespeak, Call For, Quest, Request : طلب کرنا : express the need or desire for; ask for. "She requested an extra bed in her room".

Ache, Languish, Pine, Yearn, Yen : ترسنا : have a desire for something or someone who is not present. "I have a stomach ache because I ate a rotten egg today I need to see a doctor".

Ambition, Aspiration, Dream : آرزو : a cherished desire. "He has no ambition because he is always busy in his crappy work".

Desirous, Wishful : خواہش مند : having or expressing desire for something. "Desirous of high office".

Platonic : پاکیزہ : free from physical desire. "Platonic love".

Indirect Request, Wish : تمنا : an expression of some desire or inclination. "I could tell that it was his wish that the guests leave".

Greediness, Hoggishness, Piggishness : پیٹو پن : an excessive desire for food. "He calls it hoggishness for money".

Longer, Thirster, Yearner : پیاسا شخص : a person with a strong desire for something. "A longer for money".

Sensualism, Sensuality, Sensualness : حسیت پرستی : desire for sensual pleasures.

Agromania : اکیلے رہنے کی عادت : an intense desire to be alone or out in the open.

Want, Wish, Wishing : چاہت : a specific feeling of desire. "Who wished?".

Ambitionless, Unambitious : خواہش : having little desire for success or achievement.

God Forbid : خدا نہ کرے : expressing the desire that God would forbid something bad. "Ali: It seems that prices of rice are going up again Wali: God forbid!".

Craving : آرزو : an intense desire for some particular thing. "I`ve been craving chocolate for the past 6 days".

Hungriness, Longing, Yearning : خواہش : prolonged unfulfilled desire or need. "I had a yearning to meet with you".

Itch, Spoil : آرزومند ہونا : have a strong desire or urge to do something. "She is itching to start the project".

Itch, Urge : شدید خواہش : a strong restless desire. "Why this urge to travel?".

Die : بیتاب ہونا : languish as with love or desire. "I was dying to see you".

Thirsty : پیاس : feeling a need or desire to drink. "I get really thirsty".

Acquisitiveness : اکتساب دوستی : strong desire to acquire and possess.

Possessive : بالادستی چاہنے والا : having or showing a desire to control or dominate. "A possessive parent".

Hunger, Hungriness, Thirst, Thirstiness : کسی چیز کی شدت سے طلب ہونا : strong desire for something (not food or drink). "A thirst for knowledge".

Hope : پر امید : the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled. "In spite of his troubles he never gave up hope".

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