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دھبّا لگنا : Dhabba Lagna Meaning in English

Dhabba Lagna in Detail

1) دھبا لگنا : Smut : (verb) stain with a dirty substance, such as soot.

Useful Words

چاول کی بیماری : False Smut, Green Smut : disease of rice; grains covered by a green powder consisting of conidia.

بھٹے کی بیماری : Head Smut, Sphacelotheca Reiliana : smut fungus attacking heads of corn or sorghum and causing a covered smut.

اناج کو ہونے والی ایک بیماری : Loose Smut : disease of grains; the entire head is a dusty mass of spores.

واہیات بنانا : Smut : make obscene. "This line in the play smuts the entire act".

گندم کی بیماری : Bunt, Stinking Smut : disease of wheat characterized by replacement of the grains with greasy masses of smelly smut spores.

داغ لگانا : Smear : stain by smearing or daubing with a dirty substance.

دہوئیں کی سیاہی : Smuttiness, Sootiness : the state of being dirty with soot.

داغ دار : Black, Smutty : soiled with dirt or soot. "With feet black from playing outdoors".

چمنی کی صفائی کرنے والا : Chimneysweep, Chimneysweeper, Sweep : someone who cleans soot from chimneys.

مٹی سے اٹا : Begrimed, Dingy, Grimy, Grubby, Grungy, Raunchy : thickly covered with ingrained dirt or soot. "A miner's begrimed face".

کیچڑ سے گندہ کرنا : Muddy, Muddy Up : dirty with mud.

بے ترتیب : Messy, Mussy : dirty and disorderly. "A mussy fussy bedroom".

غیر مناسب اور ناگوار : Scrimy : dirty and disgusting. "Worry about the gossip and secretiveness and other scrimy sides".

گندا ہونا : Foul : become soiled and dirty.

بے روغن : Unstained, Unvarnished : not having a coating of stain or varnish.

آلودہ کرنا : Befoul, Defile, Foul, Maculate : spot, stain, or pollute. "The townspeople defiled the river by emptying raw sewage into it".

جو میلا نہ ہوا ہو : Unsoiled, Unspotted, Unstained : without soil or spot or stain.

رنگا ہونا : Tincture : stain or tint with a color. "The leaves were tinctured with a bright red".

بے داغ : Immaculate, Undefiled : free from stain or blemish.

لتیھڑنا : Bedraggle, Draggle : make wet and dirty, as from rain.

کمینہ : Ratty : dirty and infested with rats.

آلودہ : Befouled, Fouled : made dirty or foul. "A building befouled with soot".

پھوہڑ عورت : Slattern, Slovenly Woman, Slut, Trollop : a dirty untidy woman. "One of the most hideous sights is a slovenly woman at the breakfast-table".

نشے کا عادی : Addict : someone who is physiologically dependent on a substance; abrupt deprivation of the substance produces withdrawal symptoms. "Addict of weed".

وہ نقطہ جس کے بعد مزید ملاپ ناممکن ہو : Saturation Point : (chemistry) the stage at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution or in a vapor.

خستہ حال شخص یا بچہ : Ragamuffin, Tatterdemalion : a dirty shabbily clothed urchin.

میلا کرنا : Begrime, Bemire, Colly, Dirty, Grime, Soil : make soiled, filthy, or dirty. "Don`t soil your clothes when you play outside!".

آلودہ : Mucky, Muddy : dirty and messy; covered with mud or muck. "Muddy boots".

چھوٹا گنداغیر آرام دہ کمرہ : Rathole : a small dirty uncomfortable room.

گندہ کرنا : Besmirch, Smirch : smear so as to make dirty or stained. "My shirt was besmirched with dirt".

داغ دار کرنا : Defile, Maculate, Stain, Sully, Tarnish : make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air; also used metaphorically. "Who stained my shirt?".

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