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دھمکی دینا : Dhamki Dena Meaning in English

Dhamki Dena in Detail

1) دھمکی دینا : Threaten : (verb) to utter intentions of injury or punishment against.


Useful Words

مخالف : Against : Contrary to; opposed to. "This was done against my will".

زخم : Harm : any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.. "He has trauma".

نیت : Intention : an act of intending; a volition that you intend to carry out. "Allah sees your intention and action both that how is my slave is helping me and messenger living in the unseen".

سزا دینا : Penalisation : the act of punishing.

بالکل : Arrant : without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers. "An arrant fool".

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