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When doctors say `diabetes\' they usually mean `diabetes mellitus\'.

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1. ذیابیطس شکری Ziabitas Shakri : Dm Diabetes Mellitus : (noun) diabetes caused by a relative or absolute deficiency of insulin and characterized by polyuria.

When doctors say `diabetes' they usually mean `diabetes mellitus'.

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Absolute : مطلق Mutaliq : something that is conceived or that exists independently and not in relation to other things; something that does not depend on anything else and is beyond human control; something that is not relative. "No mortal being can influence the absolute"

Deficiency Lack Want : کمی Kami : the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable. "What is lacking in me?"

Insulin : جسمانی شکر کو کنٹرول کرنے والے ہارمون Jismani Shakar Ko Control Karnay Walay Harmon : hormone secreted by the isles of Langerhans in the pancreas; regulates storage of glycogen in the liver and accelerates oxidation of sugar in cells.

Polyuria : پیشاب کا زائد اخراج Peshab Ka Zaaid Ikhraj : renal disorder characterized by the production of large volumes of pale dilute urine; often associated with diabetes.

Comparative Relative : نسبتاً Nisbatan : estimated by comparison; not absolute or complete. "A relative stranger"

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