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Dialogue meaning in Urdu

Dialogue Sentences

Dialogue between two students in class.
They disagreed but kept an open dialogue.

Dialogue Synonyms


Dialogue Definitions

1 of 3) Dialogue, Dialog, Duologue : دو افراد کے درمیان گفتگو, دو افراد کی گفتگو : (noun) a conversation between two persons or more.

Political dialogue.

2 of 3) Dialogue, Dialog : ڈرامے میں ادا کی جانے والی گفتگو : (noun) the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction.

3 of 3) Dialogue, Negotiation, Talks : مذاکرات : (noun) a discussion intended to produce an agreement.

Useful Words

Actor's Line : بول , Musical : مزاحیہ موسیقی , Screenplay : ڈرامائی پیش کش , Caption : ترجمہ , Clink : جیل , Diplomacy : سفارت کاری , Collective Bargaining : اجتماعی سودا بازی , End Game : بات چیت کا آخری دور , Mediation : ثالثی , Horse Trading : سودے بازی , Chat : گپ شپ , Barge In : کسی کی گفتگو میں داخل ہونا , Conversationalist : باتیں کرنے کا ماہر , Rap : بات چیت کرنا , Colloquy : رسمی گفتگو , Converse : گفتگو کرنا , Nothings : غیر اہم گفتگو , Chatty : باتونی , Gambit : کوئی چال چلنا , Talk : بات چیت , Caesura : وقفہ , Tete-A-Tete : دو کوگوں کے درمیان پرائیویٹ سرگوشی , Listen In : توجہ سے سننا , Subject : موضوع , Unmentionable : ناقابل ذکر , Conversational Partner : باہمی گفتگو میں شامل ہونے والا , Causerie : گپ شپ , Colloquial : عام , Pillow Talk : عاشقوں کی بستر پر ہونے والی دوستانہ گفتگو , Rap Session : بحث و مباحثہ , Interview : گفتگو

Useful Words Definitions

Actor's Line: words making up the dialogue of a play.

Musical: a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing.

Screenplay: a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets.

Caption: translation of foreign dialogue of a movie or TV program; usually displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Clink: a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence).

Diplomacy: negotiation between nations.

Collective Bargaining: negotiation between an employer and trade union.

End Game: the final stages of an extended process of negotiation.

Mediation: a negotiation to resolve differences that is conducted by some impartial party.

Horse Trading: negotiation accompanied by mutual concessions and shrewd bargaining.

Chat: an informal conversation.

Barge In: break into a conversation.

Conversationalist: someone skilled at conversation.

Rap: voluble conversation.

Colloquy: a conversation especially a formal one.

Converse: carry on a conversation.

Nothings: inconsequential conversation.

Chatty: full of trivial conversation.

Gambit: a maneuver in a game or conversation.

Talk: an exchange of ideas via conversation.

Caesura: a pause or interruption (as in a conversation).

Tete-A-Tete: a private conversation between two people.

Listen In: listen quietly, without contributing to the conversation.

Subject: the subject matter of a conversation or discussion.

Unmentionable: unsuitable or forbidden as a topic of conversation.

Conversational Partner: a person who takes part in a conversation.

Causerie: light informal conversation for social occasions.

Colloquial: characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation.

Pillow Talk: intimate conversation between lovers (typically occurring in bed).

Rap Session: conversation in a situation where feelings can be expressed and criticized or supported.

Interview: the questioning of a person (or a conversation in which information is elicited); often conducted by journalists.

Related Words

Book : رسم الخط , Duologue : دو اداکاروں کا مکالمہ , Discussion : بحث

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