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Digging Meaning in Urdu

Digging Sentence

She was digging away at her math homework.

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Digging in Detail

1 of 9. طنز Tanz طعنہ Tana : Barb Dig Gibe Jibe Shaft Shot Slam Digging : (noun) an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect.

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2 of 9. کھدائی Khudai : Dig Excavation Digging : (noun) the act of digging.

3 of 9. کھودنا Khudna : Cut Into Delve Dig Turn Over Digging : (verb) turn up, loosen, or remove earth.

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4 of 9. کھودکر بنانا Khodkar Banana : Dig Dig Out Digging : (verb) create by digging.

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6 of 9. کھودنا Khudna : Dig Excavate Hollow Digging : (verb) remove the inner part or the core of.

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7 of 9. چبھانا Chubhana : Dig Jab Poke Prod Stab Digging : (verb) poke or thrust abruptly.

Useful Words

Act Deed Human Action Human Activity : کام Kam : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Aggressive : جارحانہ Jarehana : having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of your ends. "An aggressive businessman"

Effect Effectuate Set Up : پورا کرنا Pura Karna : produce. "The scientists set up a shock wave"

Consume Have Ingest Take Take In : استعمال کرنا Estamal Karna : serve oneself to, or consume regularly. "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"

Like : پسند کرنا Pasand Karna : be fond of. "There is no one else like me"

Missile : میزائل Mizail : a rocket carrying a warhead of conventional or nuclear explosives; may be ballistic or directed by remote control.

Individual Mortal Person Somebody Someone Soul : شخص Shakhs : a human being. "Every individual was gone through corona test before passing the immigration"

Mention Note Observe Remark : غور کرنا Ghor Karna : make mention of. "She observed that his presentation took up too much time"

Recounting Relation Telling : بیان Bayaan : an act of narration. "He was the hero according to his own relation"