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دِماغ سے متعلق : Dimagh Se Mutaliq Meaning in English

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1 of 2) حرام مغز دماغ سے متعلق : Substantia Alba White Matter : (noun) whitish nervous tissue of the CNS consisting of neurons and their myelin sheaths.

2 of 2) دماغ سے متعلق : Mental : (adjective) of or relating to the mind.

Useful Words

عمارتی لکڑی کا درخت : Abies Alba, Christmas Tree, European Silver Fir : tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark.

شمالی امریکا کا زہریلا گوندنی والا پودا یا بوٹی : Actaea Alba, Doll's Eyes, White Baneberry, White Bead, White Cohosh : North American herb with white poisonous berries. "Doll`s eyes is a North American herb".

فلپائنی پودا : Agathis Alba, Agathis Dammara, Amboina Pine, Amboyna Pine : native to the Moluccas and Philippines; a source of dammar resin.

یورپی گھاس : Agrostis Alba, Poa Nemoralis, Wood Meadowgrass : slender European grass of shady places; grown also in northeastern America and temperate Asia.

رات کا پھول : Belle De Nuit, Ipomoea Alba, Moonflower : pantropical climber having white fragrant nocturnal flowers.

ٹانگوں کی سوجن : Milk Leg, Phlegmasia Alba Dolens, White Leg : painful thrombosis of the femoral vein in the leg following childbirth.

سفیدے کا درخت : Abele, Aspen Poplar, Populus Alba, Silver-Leaved Poplar, White Aspen, White Poplar : a poplar that is widely cultivated in the United States; has white bark and leaves with whitish undersurfaces.

یہ مادہ دماغ کے درمیان میں ہوتا ہے اور ذہانت محفوظ کرتا ہے : Gray Matter, Gray Substance, Grey Matter, Grey Substance, Substantia Grisea : greyish nervous tissue containing cell bodies as well as fibers; forms the cerebral cortex consisting of unmyelinated neurons.

سفید بیری : Common Snowberry, Snowberry, Symphoricarpos Alba, Waxberry : deciduous shrub of western North America having spikes of pink flowers followed by round white berries.

صحت کا خیال : Health Care, Healthcare : the preservation of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health profession. "Healthcare services".

جسمانی اور دماغی صحت کے لئے مہلک : Noxious : injurious to physical or mental health. "Noxious chemical wastes".

غیر مضر : Innocuous : not injurious to physical or mental health.

اعصابی بیماری : Disseminated Multiple Sclerosis, Disseminated Sclerosis, Ms, Multiple Sclerosis : a chronic progressive nervous disorder involving loss of myelin sheath around certain nerve fibers. "She has multiple sclerosis".

سخت ذہنی دباو میں : Tense : in or of a state of physical or nervous tension.

بیرونی جلد : Ectoblast, Ectoderm, Exoderm : the outer germ layer that develops into skin and nervous tissue.

طبی معائنہ کرانا : Checkup, Health Check, Medical, Medical Checkup, Medical Exam, Medical Examination : a thorough physical examination; includes a variety of tests depending on the age and health of the person. "He is getting his check up done".

آرام سے بھرپور : Relaxing, Reposeful, Restful : affording physical or mental rest. "She spent a restful night at home".

اذیت : Hurt, Suffering : feelings of mental or physical pain.

بڑا : Advanced : farther along in physical or mental development. "The child`s skeletal age was classified as `advanced`".

معذور : Unable : (usually followed by `to') lacking necessary physical or mental ability. "Dyslexics are unable to learn to read adequately".

بے آرام : Restless, Uneasy : lacking or not affording physical or mental rest. "A restless night".

مشقت : Effort, Elbow Grease, Exertion, Sweat, Travail : use of physical or mental energy; hard work. "The Prime Minister constantly making an effort to reduce inflation".

محسوس کرنا : Feel : be conscious of a physical, mental, or emotional state. "I`m not feeling well".

قابل : Able : having inherent physical or mental ability or capacity. "Able to learn".

علیل : Ill, Sick : affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function. "If she hadn`t been sick".

جدو جہد کرنا : Exert : make a great effort at a mental or physical task. "Exert oneself".

اذیت : Agony, Torment, Torture : intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain. "Ali`s family went to the jail to visit him, but he told his family that everything is available here but I am in agony that how long I will have to stay here".

بے اختیاری : Disability, Disablement, Handicap, Impairment : the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness. "She was offloaded of the the aircraft because she was handicapped".

تھکن : Fatigue, Tiredness, Weariness : temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work. "She was hospitalized for extreme fatigue".

کٹھن : Difficult, Hard : not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure. "Its just difficult".

لرزنا : Shake : undermine or cause to waver. "My faith has been shaken".

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