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Dirndl meaning in Urdu

Dirndl Definitions

1) Dirndl : کمربند لباس : (noun) a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt.


Useful Words

Gown : گاوٴن , Dress : خواتین کا کندھے سے لے کر گھٹنے تک کا سالم لباس , Kilt : گھاگھرا , Dress Suit : مردانہ رسمی لباس شام کے وقت کے لیے , Plastron : زنانہ سینہ پوش , Mini : منی اسکرٹ , Crinoline : گھیر والا دامن , Half-Slip : شمیض , Ballet Skirt : چھوٹا اسکرٹ جو رقص کے لئے پہنا جاتا ہے , Cincture : ازار بند , Hemline : قمیض کا نچلا کنارا , Hobble Skirt : تنگ اسکرٹ , A-Line : خواتین کا لباس , Suit : جوڑا , Constrict : دبانا , Laxation : ڈھیل , Tighten : تن جانا , Choker : اونچا کالر , Fasten : کس کے باندھنا , Skin-Tight : تن چست , Cap : ٹوپی , Clinch : بغل گیری , Coarctation : سکڑاوٴ , Taut : کھچاہوا سخت , Clench : پکڑنا , Loose : ڈھیلا ہونا , Choky : انتہائی چست , Tightly : کسا ہوا , Bathing Cap : تیراکی کے دوران سر ڈھاپنے والی ٹوپی , Seal : سیل , Constriction : اینٹھن

Useful Words Definitions

Gown: a woman's dress, usually with a close-fitting bodice and a long flared skirt, often worn on formal occasions.

Dress: a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice.

Kilt: a knee-length pleated tartan skirt worn by men as part of the traditional dress in the Highlands of northern Scotland.

Dress Suit: formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men.

Plastron: the ornamental front of a woman's bodice or shirt.

Mini: a very short skirt.

Crinoline: a skirt stiffened with hoops.

Half-Slip: undergarment worn under a skirt.

Ballet Skirt: very short skirt worn by ballerinas.

Cincture: a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers.

Hemline: the line formed by the lower edge of a skirt or coat.

Hobble Skirt: a long skirt very narrow below the knees, worn between 1910 and 1914.

A-Line: women`s clothing that has a fitted top and a flared skirt that is widest at the hemline.

Suit: a set of garments (usually including a jacket and trousers or skirt) for outerwear all of the same fabric and color.

Constrict: become tight or as if tight.

Laxation: the act of making something less tight.

Tighten: become tight or tighter.

Choker: a high tight collar.

Fasten: make tight or tighter.

Skin-Tight: so tight as to cling to the skin.

Cap: a tight-fitting headdress.

Clinch: a tight or amorous embrace.

Coarctation: tight or narrow compression.

Taut: pulled or drawn tight.

Clench: hold in a tight grasp.

Loose: become loose or looser or less tight.

Choky: so tight as to tend to choke.

Tightly: in a tight or constricted manner.

Bathing Cap: a tight-fitting cap that keeps hair dry while swimming.

Seal: fastener that provides a tight and perfect closure.

Constriction: a tight feeling in some part of the body.

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