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Discomfit meaning in Urdu

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Fall Apart : ہوش کھونا , Evaporate : بخارات بن کر خارج ہونا , Forego : کھو دینا , Enervate : تنگ کرنا , Aplomb : ضبط نفس , Imperturbable : پرسکون , Depreciate : قیمت گرانا , Retire : توجہ کہونا , Freak : ہوش کھو دینا , Dash : ہمت ہارنا , Unman : بزدل بنا دینا , Expire : ختم ہو نا , Wilt : کمزور پڑنا , Bleed : خون بہنا , Craze : بے وقوف بنانا , Faint : نڈھال , Fatigue : تنگ آجانا , Dehydrate : پانی خشک ہونا , Sweat Off : وزن کم کرنا , Discolor : بدرنگ , Dwindle : گھٹنا , Break Down : اوسان خطا ہو جانا , Underdog : کمزور شخص , Collapse : قدر کہونا , Discolor : بے رنگ ہونا , Despond : ہمت ہارنا , Decelerate : آہستہ , Blur : دھندلا ہونا , Wash Out : دہونے سے رنگ نکل جانا , Thin : پتلا , Fall : نیچے گرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Fall Apart: lose one`s emotional or mental composure.

Evaporate: lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization leaving a more concentrated residue.

Forego: lose (s.th.) or lose the right to (s.th.) by some error, offense, or crime.

Enervate: disturb the composure of.

Aplomb: great coolness and composure under strain.

Imperturbable: not easily perturbed or excited or upset; marked by extreme calm and composure.

Depreciate: lose in value.

Retire: lose interest.

Freak: lose one`s nerve.

Dash: cause to lose courage.

Unman: cause to lose one's nerve.

Expire: lose validity.

Wilt: lose strength.

Bleed: lose blood from one`s body.

Craze: cause to go crazy; cause to lose one's mind.

Faint: weak and likely to lose consciousness.

Fatigue: lose interest or become bored with something or somebody.

Dehydrate: lose water or moisture.

Sweat Off: lose weight by sweating.

Discolor: cause to lose or change color.

Dwindle: become smaller or lose substance.

Break Down: lose control of one`s emotions.

Underdog: one at a disadvantage and expected to lose.

Collapse: lose significance, effectiveness, or value.

Discolor: lose color or turn colorless.

Despond: lose confidence or hope; become dejected.

Decelerate: lose velocity; move more slowly.

Blur: become glassy; lose clear vision.

Wash Out: lose color in the process of being washed.

Thin: lose thickness; become thin or thinner.

Fall: lose an upright position suddenly.

Related Words

Arouse : ظاہر کرنا , Bemuse : ششدر کر دینا , Abash : شرمندہ کرنا , Anguish : افسوس کا باعث ہونا , Afflict : دکھی ہونا