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Disgust meaning in Urdu

Disgust Sentence

This spoilt food disgusts me.

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Disgust in Detail

1 of 3) Disgust : نفرت : (noun) strong feelings of dislike.

Related : Odium : hate coupled with disgust. Revulsion : intense aversion.


2 of 3) Disgust, Gross Out, Repel, Revolt : بیزار کرنا : (verb) fill with distaste.

Related : Stir : stir feelings in. Turn One's Stomach : upset and make nauseated.

3 of 3) Disgust, Churn Up, Nauseate, Revolt, Sicken : اخلاقیات تباہ کرنا : (verb) cause aversion in; offend the moral sense of.

Related : Shock : strike with disgust or revulsion.

Useful Words

Disapproval, Disfavor, Disfavour, Dislike : نفرت کرنا : an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group.

Antipathy, Aversion, Distaste : نفرت : a feeling of intense dislike.

Feeling : احساس : the experiencing of affective and emotional states. "No feeling no mercy".

Fill, Fill Up, Make Full : بھرنا : make full, also in a metaphorical sense. "Fill a container".

Strong : مضبوط : having strength or power greater than average or expected. "He is very strong emotionally, he is not afraid of small problems".