Dishonorably Dishonorableness Dishonorable Dishonor Dishonesty Dishonestly Dishonest Dishevel Dishonour Dishonourable Dishonourableness Dishonourably Dishtowel Dishware Dishwashing Disillusion Disillusioning Disillusionment Disinclination Disincline

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1 رسوائی Ruswai ذلت Zillat : Dishonor Dishonour : (noun) a state of shame or disgrace.

Related : Disrepute : the state of being held in low esteem. Corruptness : the state of being corrupt.

2 رسوا کروانا Raswa Karwana ذلیل کروانا Zaleel Karwana : Attaint Disgrace Dishonor Shame Dishonour : (verb) bring shame or dishonor upon.

Related : Maculate : spot, stain, or pollute.

3 بے عزتی Be Izzati : Dishonor Dishonour : (noun) lacking honor or integrity.

Related : Unrighteousness : failure to adhere to moral principles.

4 رد کرنا Rad Karna : Dishonor Dishonour : (verb) refuse to accept.

Related : Turn Down : refuse to accept.

Useful Words

Bring Convey Take : لے جانا Lay Jana : take something or somebody with oneself somewhere. "Where have you brought it from ?"

Disgrace Ignominy Shame : بے عزتی Be Izzati : a state of dishonor. "I say it disgrace"

Shame : شرمندگی Shrmindgi : a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt. "There should be any shame"

State : حالت Halat : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Narrate me the state of your heart"