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Dissatisfaction meaning in Urdu

Dissatisfaction Sentence

He was never slow to express his dissatisfaction with the service he received.

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Dissatisfaction in Detail

1) Dissatisfaction : بے اطمینانی : (noun) the feeling of being displeased and discontent.

Related : Tedium : the feeling of being bored by something tedious. Displeasure : the feeling of being displeased or annoyed or dissatisfied with someone or something. Letdown : a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized.

Useful Words

Blahs : بکواس : a general feeling of boredom and dissatisfaction.

Complain, Kick, Kvetch, Plain, Quetch, Sound Off : گلہ کرنا : express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness. "My mother complains all day".

Displeasure : ناراضگی : the feeling of being displeased or annoyed or dissatisfied with someone or something. "He is expressing displeasure".

Comfort : اطمینان : a feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment.

Disappointment, Letdown : مایوسی : a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized. "His hopes were so high he was doomed to disappointment".

Disgruntlement : اداسی : a feeling of sulky discontent.

Perfectionist : کمال پرست : a person who is displeased by anything that does not meet very high standards.

Disgruntled, Dissatisfied : شکوہ سنج : in a state of sulky dissatisfaction.

No-Win : یقینی شکست : certain to end in failure and disappointment. "A no-win situation".

Complaining, Complaintive : شکایتی : expressing pain or dissatisfaction of resentment. "A complaining boss".

Regret, Rue, Ruefulness, Sorrow : افسوس : sadness associated with some wrong done or some disappointment. "He drank to drown his sorrows".

Solace, Solacement : تسلی : comfort in disappointment or misery. "I found solace and understanding in your words".

Disappointedly : مایوسی میں : in disappointment; in a disappointed manner. "She left the gambling table disappointedly".

Discontent, Discontented : ناخوش : showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing. "Saw many discontent faces in the room".

Repine : کڑھنا : express discontent.

Bore, Dullard : بور کر دینے والا شخص : a person who evokes boredom.

Consolation, Solace, Solacement : تسلی : the comfort you feel when consoled in times of disappointment. "Second place was no consolation to him".

Torch Song : محبت کے دکہوں سے بھرا نغمہ : a popular song concerned with disappointment in love. "He likes torch song".

Discontentedly : بے اطمینانی سے : with discontent; in a discontented manner. "He was still rumbling discontentedly when Pike returned bearing a folder of foolscap sheets".

Dysphoria : گھبراہٹ : abnormal depression and discontent.

Displease : ناخوش کرنا : give displeasure to. "You displeased them in front of all".

Scowl : غصے کا اظہار : frown with displeasure.

Get Through, While Away : بوریت کا وقت خوشی سے گزارنا : spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time.

Longueur : طویل اور بیزار کن ٹکڑا یا حصہ : a period of dullness or boredom (especially in a work of literature or performing art).

Groan, Moan : ناراضگی ظاہر کرنا : indicate pain, discomfort, or displeasure. "The students groaned when the professor got out the exam booklets".

Unpleasantness : ناپسندیدگی : the quality of giving displeasure. "The recent unpleasantness of the weather".

Brood, Pout, Sulk : غصہ ہونا : be in a huff and display one`s displeasure. "He got sulk when he didn`t get expected pair of shoes".

Make A Stink, Raise A Stink, Raise Hell : شدید اعتراض کرنا : take strong and forceful action, as to object or express discontent. "She raised hell when she found out that she would not be hired again".

Unhappy : رنجیدہ : experiencing or marked by or causing sadness or sorrow or discontent. "Despite being rich he is unhappy".

Frown, Scowl : بھویں چڑھانا : a facial expression of dislike or displeasure. "Zardari frowning".

Boo, Hiss : برہمی کا اظہار کرنا : show displeasure, as after a performance or speech. "I`ve booed him every single time".

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