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Distrustful meaning in Urdu

Distrustful Sentence

A man of distrustful nature.

Distrustful Definitions

1) Distrustful : بے اعتمادی : (adjective) having or showing distrust.

My experience...in other fields of law has made me distrustful of rules of thumb generally.
Vigilant and distrustful superintendence.


Useful Words

Leery : ناقابل اعتبار , Shy : شرم , Distrustfully : بے اعتباری کے ساتھ , Conciliation : صلح کرنے کا عمل , Exemplification : مثال , One-Eyed : کانا , Favorably : لطیفانہ , Dolorous : رنجیدہ , Default : بلا مقابلہ شکست , Penitentially : ازارہ استغفار , Deferent : تعظیمی , Feisty : بہادر , Dignified : با عزت , Valiant : بہادر , Inquisitive : حیران ہونا , Disapprovingly : ناپسندیدگی کے ساتھ , Compassionate : ہمدرد , Adoring : تعظیمی , Civility : ادب , Artless : اناڑی , Merciless : بے درد , Guidance : راہنمائی , Endearment : عزیز بنانے کا عمل , Abject : عاجزانہ , Flippant : غیر سنجیدہ , Maternalistic : مادری , Merciful : مہربان , Godly : دین دار , Dark : بد مزاج , Apathetic : بے حس , Conscious : آگاہ

Useful Words Definitions

Leery: openly distrustful and unwilling to confide.

Shy: wary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things.

Distrustfully: with distrust.

Conciliation: the act of placating and overcoming distrust and animosity.

Exemplification: showing by example.

One-Eyed: having or showing only one eye.

Favorably: showing approval.

Dolorous: showing sorrow.

Default: loss due to not showing up.

Penitentially: showing remorse.

Deferent: showing deference.

Feisty: showing courage.

Dignified: having or showing self-esteem.

Valiant: having or showing valor.

Inquisitive: showing curiosity.

Disapprovingly: showing disapproval.

Compassionate: showing or having compassion.

Adoring: showing adoration.

Civility: the act of showing regard for others.

Artless: showing lack of art.

Merciless: having or showing no mercy.

Guidance: the act of guiding or showing the way.

Endearment: the act of showing affection.

Abject: showing humiliation or submissiveness.

Flippant: showing inappropriate levity.

Maternalistic: showing maternal instincts.

Merciful: showing or giving mercy.

Godly: showing great reverence for god.

Dark: showing a brooding ill humor.

Apathetic: showing little or no emotion or animation.

Conscious: (followed by `of') showing realization or recognition of something.

Related Words

Incredulous : منکر , Doubting : شکی

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