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Divisible 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Divisible in Sentence

Even numbers are divisible by two.

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Divisible in Detail

1. قابل تقسیم Qabil Taqseem : Divisible : (adjective) capable of being or liable to be divided or separated.

Even numbers are divisible by two.
The Americans fought a bloody war to prove that their nation is not divisible.

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Useful Words

Capable : قابل Qabil : (usually followed by `of`) having capacity or ability. "Capable of gain power"

Apt Liable : لائق Laiq : at risk of or subject to experiencing something usually unpleasant. "He is apt to lose"

Detached Isolated Separated Set-Apart : الگ تھلگ Alag Thalag : being or feeling set or kept apart from others. "She felt detached from the group"

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