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Dizziness meaning in Urdu

Dizziness Synonyms

Dizziness in Detail

1) Dizziness, Giddiness, Lightheadedness, Vertigo : چکر : (noun) a reeling sensation; a feeling that you are about to fall.

Useful Words

About, Astir : متحرک : on the move. "Up and about".

Fall, Spill, Tumble : گرنا : a sudden drop from an upright position. "Lest you should fall".

Feeling : احساس : the experiencing of affective and emotional states. "No feeling no mercy".

Aesthesis, Esthesis, Sensation, Sense Datum, Sense Experience, Sense Impression : احساس : an unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation. "A sensation of touch".

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