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1 of 2) Dizzy, Giddy, Vertiginous, Woozy : چکر آنا : (satellite adjective) having or causing a whirling sensation; liable to falling.

I am feeling dizzy.
Had a dizzy spell.+ More

2 of 2) Dizzy, Airheaded, Empty-Headed, Featherbrained, Giddy, Light-Headed, Lightheaded, Silly : من موجی, لاابالی : (satellite adjective) lacking seriousness; given to frivolity.

A dizzy blonde boy.

Useful Words

Stun : بد حواس کر دینا , Kinetosis : بے چینی , Dangerous : خطرناک , Creepy : رینگنے کا احساس , Itchy : کھجلی ہونا , Biting : چبھتا , Hot : گرم , Dizzily : چکراۓ ہوۓ انداز سے , Raining : بارش , Whirlwind : گرد کا بھنور , Whirler : ملنگ , Blender : مرکب کار , Peccable : قصور وار , Deadly : جان لیوا , Harmful : نقصان دہ , Harmless : بے ضرر , Inerrable : بے خطا , Weepy : رویا ہوا , Punishable : لائق سزا , Chargeable : قابل مواخذہ , Accountable : ذمہ دار , Undependable : ناقابل اعتماد , Invariable : اٹل , Variable : تبدیل ہونے والا , Active : لاوا اگلنے والا , Indefeasible : ناقابل تنسیخ , Divisible : قابل تقسیم , Forthcomingness : قربت وقوع , Erratic : غیریقینی , Exceptionable : اعتراض کے قابل , Ratability : قابل محصول ہونے کا عمل

Useful Words Definitions

Stun: make senseless or dizzy by or as if by a blow.

Kinetosis: the state of being dizzy or nauseated because of the motions that occur while traveling in or on a moving vehicle.

Dangerous: involving or causing danger or risk; liable to hurt or harm.

Creepy: causing a sensation as of things crawling on your skin.

Itchy: causing an irritating cutaneous sensation; being affect with an itch.

Biting: causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold.

Hot: used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning.

Dizzily: in a giddy light-headed manner.

Raining: falling in drops or as if falling like rain.

Whirlwind: a more or less vertical column of air whirling around itself as it moves over the surface of the Earth.

Whirler: a dervish whose actions include ecstatic dancing and whirling.

Blender: an electrically powered mixer with whirling blades that mix or chop or liquefy foods.

Peccable: liable to sin.

Deadly: causing or capable of causing death.

Harmful: causing or capable of causing harm.

Harmless: not causing or capable of causing harm.

Inerrable: not liable to error.

Weepy: liable to weep easily.

Punishable: liable to or deserving punishment.

Chargeable: liable to be accused, or cause for such liability.

Accountable: liable to account for one`s actions.

Undependable: liable to be erroneous or misleading.

Invariable: not liable to or capable of change.

Variable: liable to or capable of change.

Active: (of e.g. volcanos) erupting or liable to erupt.

Indefeasible: not liable to being annulled or voided or undone.

Divisible: capable of being or liable to be divided or separated.

Forthcomingness: the state of being imminent and liable to happen soon.

Erratic: liable to sudden unpredictable change.

Exceptionable: liable to objection or debate; used of something one might take exception to.

Ratability: the state of being liable to assessment or taxation.

Related Words

Frivolous : غیر سنجیدہ , Ill : علیل

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